June 17, 2017 shark shark

Software Internship Toronto, Ontario

An established software company in Toronto, Ontario is in search of software interns. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain professional experience in the tech industry.


A little bit about the company

We are SearchShark. Our job is to help businesses get the exposure they need and want. How we increase our client’s exposure is through Search Engine Optimization and Website Optimization. SEO helps our clients get higher up in search results and more exposure for their business. Website Optimization increases a website’s usability and accessibility so users come back again and again. Our strategic and innovative solutions designed by experts propel clients to the top of search engine results, and the top of their field. You can be a part of this and help businesses reach their goals.


Benefits of an internship with SearchShark

Internships are extremely valuable in terms of learning practical skills for a future career in the industry. In addition to education, employers are starting to look for applicable experience when hiring. More than half of all software interns are offered a full-time position when their stint is over. If you aren’t ready for a full-time position yet, you will still have a wealth of experience and knowledge from SearchSharks software experts. You will personally be working with software engineers and developers with a multitude of combined experience. When you go back to your university or move into a software development career, you’ll already have skills under your belt. This way, you’ll have an advantage over your peers.


SearchShark Interns

When we are looking for interns at SearchShark in Toronto, Ontario, there are a few important qualities to have. Most of all, we want interns that are interested in and passionate about software development and engineering. Our professionals are equipped with years of training and experience, and they are here to share it with you! If you want to learn the secrets to their success, we want you as an intern. Another valuable trait is ability to problem solve. No matter what the problem may be, creative thinking is a must. Here are other skills we like to see in our candidates for internships: