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Software Internship Oakville Ontario

An internship is fast becoming something that many employers look for when reading your CV. It seems the more internships you have to show off, the better your chances at getting to the interview stages of your job application. This is because although you may already have a college degree – at that stage it is all theoretical, once you have been through an internship those theories have now been put into practice and you have experience in your respective field.


Applying for an internship at a software company? What will they be looking for?


Your internship employer at the software company – or any other company for that matter will be looking at how you handle the day to day tasks of professional work. From turning up on time, to handling criticism, to learning and handling the new various tasks you have been assigned to.


So why choose a software internship in Oakville, ON?


As previously mentioned, one of the top reasons as to why you should choose an internship is the fact that it is going to make you CV look that much better, and enable it to stand out from a potentially quite large crowd. Having the opportunity to get real life experience in the field you want to work in, is not only going to solidify all you learnt in college, but is also going to boost your confidence for when you apply for that all important job interview after the internship. Applying for a software internship will provide you with a great chance to learn the software development processes you may need to in the future and all the while you will continue to be coached and mentored by experienced, and talented individuals or teams of people that are more than willing to help. Another factor would be you learning how to interact with prospective, or current clients of the company you are interning for. Don’t forget it is also very much possible that if you do well enough in your internship you may not even have to apply to look for another job once it is over because the company you have been interning at (if happy with your work with them) could potentially invite you to remain with them on a full time employment basis.


To note


It is important to note that finding an company that pays their interns is few and far between. Most interns work on a voluntary basis so if you are strapped for cash or need a paid job – it is probably sensible to consider getting a part time job for the days in which you are not at your internship.


Although unpaid the rewards that you could potentially get from taking part in an internship are incredible. Boosting your CV, confidence and future they give you experience and knowledge that you would not be able to get from a classroom and are definitely worth it in the end. So if you are in Oakville, and want and internship in software definitely have a look at