Who Are We?
Search Shark is an award-winning SEO company based in Toronto, Canada. We take a great step on providing SEO and Digital Marketing services to entrepreneurs who need to promote their business online. Together with our creative and innovative team of Software Developers, we work alongside with up-to-date and newly developed technology to furnish your business a breakthrough custom software development solution.
Meet Our Team
Justin Covas
Nathan Odotei
Digital Specialist
Preet Lubana
Sr. Software Developer
Kamal Preet Singh
Lead Developer
Our Services
Inventory Management
Manage your inventory and check stock levels in real-time. Receive low inventory notifications and generate purchase orders to replenish your stock.
Barcode Scanning
Scan inventory into your orders, generate barcodes for your documents, search for inventory or documents by scanning barcodes.
Locations and Zones
Have multiple warehouses, offices, or retail stores? No problem. Easily track where all your inventory is by organizing everything into locations and zones.
Development and Testing
Save time and innovate more by managing and viewing your application lifecycle on the Search Shark Cloud Platform.
Cloud Based Solutions
Ensure all your data is kept secure and managed efficiently and properly with our expertly optimized cloud servers.
Retail and E-Commerce
Service a global customer base with industry-leading scale and analysis to personalize your experience. Take hold of the emerging payment technologies to stay ahead of your competitors
Analytical Reports
Generate extremely detailed reports for your inventory, sales and services. Filter your reports by date-range and category to see what's making you the most money.
Relationship Management
With built-in RM features you can keep track of all your customer accounts with ease. Add multiple contacts, private notes, and review their purchase history.
Invoices and Estimates
Create beautiful, professional invoices and estimates in just a few seconds and then instantly email them as PDF's directly to your customers or prospects.
Custom Interface For Your Business
Search Shark provides custom inferface tailored to your needs. We ensure that everything we make is elegant, simple, and easy to use. With our wide variety of experience in both digital marketing and software development, we can design software that has the best in cutting edge functionality for both desktops and mobile devices, while also ensuring a sleek and current design.
Custom Ecommerce Checkout
Search Shark provides you with a sleek checkout process so that your customers can complete their orders with ease. With a variety of emerging payment options, our team ensures your customers can pay in the way that is most suitable for them. With a custom checkout process, you can funnel your traffic through a personalized checkout that increases customer retention and conversions.
Why Work With Search Shark?
Low Risk Agile Approach
Our methodology allows us to rapidly build complex applications, efficiently handle changing requirements, and improve the overall product quality through a rigorous QA process.
Priority On Usability
Our UX experts will make sure your app is straightforward, intuitive, and easy to navigate, whether on desktop or mobile.
Data and Information Security
We strive to apply strict security controls for the products we develop to protect you from the wrong people getting ahold of your data.
Seamless Backend Integration
We have a plethora of experience in dealing with complex enterprise-grade backends and have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your backend’s scalability, interoperability, and speed.
Get A Quote For Your Custom Software
Contact one of our senior developers to get a quote on your software project within 24 hours. Please leave a detailed message on your objective and type of functionalitys needed or call us directly. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email as well.
416 655-1411
Open Hours: 9am - 6pm (Closed Sundays)