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7 Things You Need To Know About SEO Company Oakville

Search engine optimization is not really a hard thing. When you find a reliable ad trustworthy company to help you craft an excellent company-based SEO strategy, your website will have higher chances of getting the best spot on search engines. So here the seven things that you should not forget in your search engine optimization checklist.


You have probably hears about this before, but it is worth noting that content should be a top priority. People jump from one site to another to find relevant information or data to answer their queries and depending on your focused industry, you would want to be the top search website. So don’t underestimate the power of content. In the first place, this is the core essence of why your website is built.  The following are some of the points you need to remember about content.

  • Target location specific keywords and create a unique content about it.
  • Avoid copying, rewriting, or spinning content. Google policy now punishes any website that copies content for the sake of having something to publish.
  • Write evergreen keyword-based content.
  • Focus on the quality rather than quantity.


Pages help any website to be completely functional. Nevertheless, your SEO should not be limited to your content. Every page of your site should also have proper SEO strategy for every page. If you are using WordPress, you need to ensure that proper plugins are present, especially those that improve loading speed of videos, images and the page itself.


When targeting keywords, you don’t just choose based on their relevance to your website. You also need to judge them based on how they have ranked in Google for the past weeks. Keyword ranking may change from to time. Say for example, some keywords on rank number one, can change its position in the succeeding month. Hence, ranking requires you to be on watch of keyword trends.  The Google keyword tool will basically help you to do this. Nevertheless, the following are some steps that you can follow in order to rank your website well.

  • Publish quality and relevant content on a regular basis.
  • Update your content on a day to day basis.
  • Check your links regularly and fix broken links and link errors.
  • Make your site link-worthy. Remember that other websites would also to connect to you.
  • Use alt tags wisely.


The most common way to attract search engines is to put keywords in your article, but don’t over stuff it. You can leverage Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool to get keywords with low competition and high monthly searches. If you are using WordPress, some plugins will let you know if you are overdoing your keywords such SEO Pressor.

If you are catering to specific audience in Oakville, then you need to hire an SEO specialist Oakville to help you target location-based keywords. Targeting local keywords will increase your visibility in your local area and later on spread audience impact around the world.


Positioning your website is very important, basically in terms of ranking. One most important thing on how you can give your site a better position is to build a sitemap and submit it to Google Webmasters Tool. By having a sitemap, it would be easier for you to detect slow loading elements, link errors, and broken links.


The key point in using SEO is to optimize your website. By optimizing your website, you are increasing your visibility and increasing your chance of having good rank in Google search engines. So how do you optimize your website?

  • Create a mobile responsive website, which can adjust to phone sizes. With the number of users browsing
  • Optimize images, videos, and content before uploading to your website. This helps your website to load faster, especially if you have extra-large photos.
  • Replace the name of photos and videos with your targeted keywords but make sure they are relevant. If there is no specific keyword that could apply to your images, then at least rename it to something that will best describe it.
  • Add keyword-based caption into your photos if applicable to your website.


Link your content to third-party website that offer related information. Also offer links to other websites which provide similar information as you do. The more links you have the more attention you will get from search engines, but don’t over stuff them. Say for example, in a 1,000 word content, you can have at least three links embedded in your text.  But if you only have a 500-word article, a link on the first or last paragraph would be enough to suffice your SEO needs.

What most marketers are mistaken when it comes to link is buying too much of it. When you buy links from a certain company, you are not really sure if all of them can work well. Some bundles of links for sale may include broken links that could affect the quality of your site. Well, if you do not have a good SEO specialist in your website, it would be very hard for you to spot broken links and errors. Hence, instead of depending on ready-made links, have someone research some quality links to use in your website.

Hiring the best SEO Company Oakville will help you achieve your SEO tasks. The expertise of your chosen company will basically affect how your website will also perform. Now that you have learned the seven basic things of SEO, you should be more confident on what to also ask when you hire a company to work on your SEO needs.