February 11, 2016 shark shark

SEO Company Caledon: Is Local SEO Marketing still Important?

Local SEO is not dead yet. According Google research, 90 percent of internet users leverage Google to find local services. If you are operating an online business or have a website for your physical business, then you might as well know SEO marketing.

Gone are the days when your only option is to have yourself listed in Yellow Pages and other local directories. Although they are still viable up to this time, they are no longer as good as good having an SEO strategy. If you really want to vie with the competitive market of business owners who are aiming to become number one in their specific industry, then you need good SEO marketing.

Here are some things you should know about local SEO marketing.

Google focuses on local business and have several features to help local business grow such as Google Page for Business and Geo Location. These tools basically help local marketers target local audience and gather organic traffic from their particular cities. However, just like a “take it, or leave it” deal, you will not get anything unless you use them.

First of all, Google has redesigned its Geo Location services which narrowed down the radius of Google Search. Google also divided cities into neighborhoods which allowed local business to be very specific. For example, if you have a website which caters to a specific local market, it would be hard for people within your neighborhood to know your existence. Without a strong local SEO strategy, larger market competitors would overlap your visibility from time to time, burying your website at the bottom page of Google page results. For you to vie in the local market, you need to have a god local SEO marketing to improve our webpage overall quality.

There is a strong relationship between mobile and SEO. Credits to several mobile apps that allow users access local services using their mobile phones. At present there are at least 80 percent of mobile users who use cell phones just to search for local businesses.

For local business, it is very important to capitalize on the number of mobile users to increase online visibility and gather organic traffic. Unlike not having an SEO strategy at all, focusing on local SEO increase mobile growth which bridges the gap between physical business and online users, gives better positioning, and stabilizes growth of local traffic.

Customers like personalized results and businesses that cater to these needs, often gain measurable results. Google is also giving extra attention to local websites that are able to deliver quality content to their target audience.

Customers want to engage in real time persons. There’s a difference between automated messages and messages coming out from a real person. So if you need someone to man your website and take care of SEO marketing, then you should have an SEO specialist to handle your affairs.

According to Google, almost 34 percent of Desktop users who browse the internet search for online services of physical stores.  Hence, when you have a real time person who will manage your local SEO marketing, there is a higher chance you can build a strong inter-personal relationship with your target audience.

SEO Company Caledon can help you build stronger traffic using local search engine optimization. There are so many things that local SEO can do for your company and only the best one can help you do it.