You have been on the internet for a while but you are not ranking,then something must terribly wrong…

 Search Shark helps fix your website and makes sure you are not breaking any rules in Google Policy. We can make your website more Google-friendly, more competitive, and more revenue-generating by attracting more organic traffic.

So how do we do that? Well, we cannot assure it is going to be easy but we can promise it’s going to be worth it. Introducing to you, Search Shark’s On-Page SEO Services.

The following are the things that we can do to your website.

Develop and Optimize Website Content

We understand that content is key component for every website’s existence. Our team of professionals will not just give you quality content. We publish content based on high-ranking keywords and take care of on-page keyword designing to bring you at the front line of your market.

Improve Google Authority

Our on-page SEO includes making your website popular in Google by targeting location-based and niche-related keywords. From there, we will also build your search engine reputation by including inbound and outbound links and social signals, which will contribute to an enhanced Google authority.

Perform Keyword Research and Analysis

We leverage proprietary tools and third-party research tools to find keywords with low competition but high-monthly searches, which can use in content building. With this, we can also create a fool-proof SEO strategy that will definitely assure you maximum returns of investments.

Optimize Website for Mobile Viewing

We understand that majority of the phone owners nowadays would access websites through different phone services. Hence, our on-page SEO is not only limited to desktop access, but we can also cater for those who need mobile responsive websites. We can take care your website optimization and tags, so your site will have improved loading speed.

Analyze Google Analytic

We will measure your site performance from month to month to determine whether our SEO strategy has been effective. We will also help you track your website success and your position through a detailed analysis. Through this, we will be able to adjust our SEO strategy to further cater to your websites’ particular needs and make it more successful.

Ensure Content Quality

We at Search Shark are very sensitive when it comes to quality. Our team of SEO professionals believe that content is KING and with this, we will make sure that we give you only quality and unique content written by expert writers. Unique content will help you