As we value local SEO, our team of professionals will help bring more quality visitors to your local business by leveraging local-based and niche-relevant keywords. We will help you achieve 20 to 40 percent more business through local search engine optimization and a monthly reporting to guarantee transparency.

How can we help you improve your Local SEO?

Our Local SEO is focused in bringing positive results and wider visibility for websites to appear in popular location-based search queries. With that said, we leverage on popular tools for us to achieve our end goal, which is to make our clients happy and satisfied.

The following are just a few of the services we offer in terms of local SEO. For more information please contact us directly using our hotline.

On-Page and Off-Page SEO

We expertise in both off-page and on-page SEO. Among the things that we do for you includes addressing content format on the page, targeting location-based content and tags, enhancing local branding strategy, and embedding map for local pages.

Using Google AdWords Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool, we will also help you find high ranking and relevant keywords we can use in content creation and website optimization. Our internal and external link building strategy are backed by search engine optimization experts, who are well-trained in local SEO targeting. We can also help you in the following:

  • Optimize content by referencing local-based keywords with low competition but high monthly searches
  • Optimize title by referencing local-based keywords, tags, and leveraging WordPress SEO plugins that cater your specific industry
  • Associate correct listings with the right category
  • Rive positive customer reviews to increase local SEO ranking factor
  • Create listing for each of your physical locations

Google Page for Business

We help business websites to leverage on social media and up-to-date tools on the internet to build higher Google authority, most especially with the latest Google Page for Business. We make sure that your profile is fully set up, including your contact information, opening hours, address, contact details, and SEO-improved content.

Google + Local

We will help you link your website to Google + Local Pages to help you attract more social interaction from your local area. This is a great opportunity for local businesses to feature content such as educational information, images and post and gather more local-based leads, which will later on covert into real-time customers.

This site has been a great step to the right direction for search engines by allowing websites to collaborate together to carry out information to a vast number of local visitors. We can help you leverage the Schema Markup to stand out from the herd of website starters and bring your own business to success. In this way, search engines will be able to pick your website according to the type of business, reviews and hours of operation, popular events, and promos.

Google Webmasters Tool

We can help connect with Google Webmaster Tool to see whether your site has been indexed properly. Our team of professional SOE specialists are more than eager to help you fix and update crawl errors, link errors, and delete duplicate pages. This can be a great advantage especially for sign up websites.

Correcting NAP on Website

We help you make sure that your business name is correct and your contact is listed properly. As we value accuracy, we assure you that all your information across the web and in your social media profiles are coherent to prevent confusion.

Why do you need our Google Local SEO Services?

Google has recently announce that as users search for more relevant information, local based results will become more and more dominant. Local business can leverage on just how fast the internet is shifting for the better and influencing the local market. Without a good SEO strategy, your website will not be able to gain popularity in Google.

What makes our Google Local SEO Services unique?

Our local SEO services basically caters to multi-location business and not just one specific-location market. This means that your business will not only get high visibility in one location, but also in neighboring cities with related keyword searches. Our end goal is to provide an excellent structure of Local SEO campaign that will move your website to the next level whether you need new pages or redesigning existing website.