February 19, 2016 shark shark

How SEO Services Markham Can Help You Optimize your Video Content


Video-oriented websites basically need to have excellent loading speed for customers to enjoy an unprecedented user experience. However, since videos can contain large files, most website owners often encounter slow loading speed problems.

Whether you are new in video marketing or have been in business for a while, but have not yet gained good results, then you need search engine optimization. Just as you optimize landing pages and build full campaigns, video content also need an SEO strategy to become popular. In other words, you cannot just depend on YouTube to make your video go “viral”. If you can add some leading-edge optimization tactic, you can basically drive your business to success.

Well, you don’t have to do the search engine optimization alone. If you do not have the skills to delve on the technicalities of video optimization, then you can hire some SEO services Markham to do the job for you. To give you an idea of how video optimization is done, here are the top five things that a Markham SEO company can do to your videos.


Optimize videos according to your specific niche. Before the concept of video marketing platform came to existence, website owners would only leverage videos for brand awareness. Now, almost all websites have videos embedded in their pages. When you hire an SEO company, what they will do is determine the type of videos and the best approach that they will implement in your website to drive traffic.         A strategic vide can attract more leads and enhance conversion. Unlike ordinary video marketing campaign, search engine optimization will align your video’s concept to specific goals.

The following are some cored that SEO companies will consider in optimizing your video content:

  • The kinds of reactions that you want to gather from your audience (for example, if you are operating a website of funny videos, then you would want to limit your video content to funny ones and target keywords that are related to funny videos)
  • Your target audience (Are you targeting the millennial, teenagers, or above 60s? Or are you catering to specific community such as pet lovers, book lovers, or recipe enthusiasts?)
  • The number of leads you expect from the videos you have uploaded


Target relevant keywords and optimize your video content. SEO companies can research keywords that are related to your specific nice so when you upload your videos, they can easily get fetched by search engines. The following are just few common things companies can do for you:

  • Properly design keyword in your video description to avoid Google penalty
  • Add proper keywords in your meta description and video title
  • Review your website and remove unrelated and out-of-date keywords
  • Remove broken links and link errors from your videos
  • Improve video transcript (This is very useful if you are using tutorial videos. What SEO companies will do is to add keywords to the written words under your video so that it can easily get fetched by search engines.)
  • Promote your video using multi-platform strategy so your video is distributed across multiple outlets.

On the other hand, video optimization is just one way to reduce the size of your video, so they can easily load. Instead of doing it on your own, SEO companies can use professional optimizer tool to reduce the size of you videos without compromising their quality.


Add a lead-capture feature. Unlike ordinary pop-up buttons, lead capture forms can drive leads more than you can ever think. This is basically beneficial especially for websites that have opt-in email sign ups. SEO companies can basically design a more creative email gate which your target audience

Additionally, SEO Company Markham can help you take advantage on some video marketing platforms to build contact forms to include at the end of your videos. You can collect information without sounding like a scammer.


Analyze your site performance for future references. The last and most important thing is to measure your results. Using Google Analytics and other helpful tools, a search engine optimization specialist will help you know whether or not your strategy has been successful. This means that you are not going to be blind about how things are going on. If you are creating a lot of videos, you would basically want a video marketing platform that will give you access to a detailed data. Aside from this information, the SEO Company can give you data analysis so that you will have a gauge as you continue your SEO plan.

With the right SEO Company Markham, you will definitely drive your business to success. Always remember that video marketing isn’t all about how much effort you have spent. It’s all about working with a great company for a fruitful search engine optimization. Once you achieve it, you are definitely in the right track.