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How Good is Your B2B Search Engine Optimization Strategy?

Monthly monitoring is an important aspect of making sure that your B2B website is doing well. This is true, especially if you have a professional SEO working for your success. According to experts, if you can track your results, you have higher chances of avoiding pitfalls and closing loopholes that could bring bad effect on your website as early as possible.

Just imagine, if you leave everything on your contractors, everything could slip in a matter of day. The next thing you know, your search engine ranking has dropped down to the bottom part of the page. Bad things can happen from faulty SEO techniques, lack of focus, and too much automation, which you could have corrected by keeping track of the things done within your website. In this article, you will learn whether or not your B2B search engine optimization is good.

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Top 5 Metrics to Track for Successful B2B SEO

Knowing the numbers of the following key metrics will help you assess whether or not your SEO is doing well.

Referring visits. These are the number of people going in your site who can impact you in different ways. You can check your referring visits by tracking your direct navigation, search traffic, and referral traffic. You need to look into when you’re traffic has spiked dramatically and when it has decreased, and probe into the reason why it all happened.

Visits by specific keywords. These are the searches that are basically brought to your site by people searching for particular keywords, which you have integrated in your content. You need to keep track of these keywords so you will know how often you will use them, and if they are no longer relevant.

Conversion rate. These are the number of visitors who have click your inbound links and have actually bought some products. Most of these people come from different channels such as your social media, blogs, and many more. When your conversion rate is high, it means your B2B SEO is quite doing well.

Bounce rate. These are the number of people who visited your website but eventually turned back after a couple of seconds. When you have high bounce rate, it may mean that your website does not have a good quality or poor performance.

Quality clicks. These are your organic traffic that click on specific links and ads within your website. If you have a high number of clicks, it means that your inbound links are doing well.

How do you Know if your SEO Firm is Doing their Job?

The quality of search engine optimization strategy for your B2B Company can largely depend on the efforts exerted by the person you hired to do it. The following will help you know whether or not your professional SEO is helping or simply hurting you.

They have nothing to show as a result. As discussed, you need to monitor your SEO results in order to know whether the strategy that you have implemented is working. Otherwise, a poor SEO results will help you gauge future campaigns. A monthly SEO report should include at least SEO audit of your site, analysis on the links and content, SEO score in terms of how whether or not the content are properly optimized, and the number of content published.

They don’t ask you for pertinent information. If an SEO person does not relay to your information as much as it doesn’t ask any questions to you, it can mean that something is wrong. SEO should have a strong basis and for that, you can expect the SEO professional to ask for an admin access to your blog, Google Analytics, social media accounts, Google Webmaster Tools, and Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

They are very secretive and hesitant in sharing their technique. Every SEO technique is unique for every client, hence there is no reason why your SEO Company would hide it from you. Transparency will help you and your SEO Company communicate solutions to certain drawbacks within your website.

You receive a manual penalty from Google Algorithm. A good SEO should save your website from the penalties of Google Algorithm but if you are still hit, then it only means that your strategy is not working.

For a successful B2B search engine optimization, it is important that you track your profess regularly. This will help you determine whether or not there are issues in the middle so you can give them immediate solutions. Now that you know the key to knowing whether your B2B SEO is good, don’t forget to conduct regular monitoring so you can avoid the pitfalls of bad SEO.