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Guidelines for First Timers on How to Choose the Best SEO company GTA


Search engine optimization is becoming more and more complex everyday. Without fair knowledge and skills, one could be easily lost in the middle of the cycle.  This is the reason why almost every one of us would want to hire an SEO company GTA to work on our SEO needs.

Every online business can definitely benefit from improving their ranking on search engines, especially in Google. Since Google analytics added latest updates on its quality assurance checklist, many business owners have been burdened of not showing up on Google page results. The most common problems that websites normally encounter are broken links, lack of content, and absence of mobile responsive design, slow loading speed, link errors, and poor content quality. These are issues that can easily be resolved when you have the best SEO Company.

So how can you tell which one is the best partner for you and what are the things that you should look out for? Here’s a quick for first timers in search engine optimization.


Shortlist your best five companies. After you browsed a couple of SEO companies in GTA, the next you should do is to rate the best five according to the type and level of activities you need for your website. When you narrow your research, it would be easier for you to spot which team is the most suitable for your business.

Check their own SEO. The golden rule is that, good companies also have a very good search engine optimization. This also comes with the saying that, “Before you can change someone else work, you need to first show the change from your own.” A lot of SEO companies have very good landing pages and website testimonials, you almost caught yourself off guard. But hey! How is their SEO?

Well, it takes a year for an SEO company to have a strong reputation in Google, especially that the SEO market is highly competitive. So you need to make sure that the company is also good in their own SEO.  One way to tell whether or not a certain company has good SEO is that when you search it up on the internet, it should show up in the first page of Google search engine. Their Meta description should contain the basic information about the company, have good local ranking, and cover basics like having a Google+ page. Check if the company is visible in other places as well despite the fact that it has a lot of competitors.


Look at the company’s Portfolio. Of course, one of the most important things you should not forget is the Portfolio. When you browse the company’s website, try to ask yourself these following questions.

  • Does the company have case studies, online reviews, and a lot of relevant content?
  • How many clients has the company worked with?
  • What are its core competencies? Does it have expertise on your specific job?
  • Does it have some press releases listed on major search engines?

Some companies would have a specific tab where customers can view their portfolio but some don’t have. It all basically depends on the company. This time you really have to test your research skills.

Ask how much the price is. Another thing that should gauge whether or not the company is great for you is the price. If it’s offering a package like “20 keywords for $500” or any kind of agency that offers standardized pricing, then it’s not a company that will work for your best interest. A good company would basically first check the problems in your website and craft a good strategy out of its findings. If you have a very good content flow and keyword, then you don’t need to get plugged into the company’s own strategy. However, if you are still not showing in Google search engine, despite having very good content, then the problem is probably in your website itself. If you opt for standardized pricing, you would not be able to determine your real problem.


After all the research, ask yourself if the company is something that would care about you.  A good SEO firm will do its best to comprehend your customer behavior and position your SEO in a way that would address your customers’ needs. As you see, search engine optimization is not just a one-man effort. The company should be able to work with in achieving your goals of making your website visible in search engines and earn high ranking.

After vetting the best SEO Company Vaughan from your shortlist, you will likely find yourself with a much better partner who can genuinely help you with your SEO needs and stay strong for the years to     come.  Don’t be too timid in hiring your next SEO Company – Vaughan is a haven of really good search engine optimization experts. All you need to do is be diligent and meticulous in choosing the right one.