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Get found on Google with SEO Services Aurora

Are you having a hard time getting indexed by Google search engine? Have you tried researching your own company in the internet and found nothing? If your answer is yes, then it is time that you leverage SEO services Aurora.

Search engine optimization can improve your website in a myriad of interesting ways.  When you hire the right people to work on your SEO, you take out a burden of you and increase the chances of getting your website indexed by Google.

In this article, you will learn some tips about using search engine optimization to improve your ranking in search engine results page (SERP).


Assess your current SEO strategy and reverse any damage done. If you have a SEO strategy but still your website is showing in the internet, then your strategy is defective or you have been penalized by Google. When this happens, it is time to revisit your strategy and fill in the possible gaps that made it ineffective. The following are some things you can do:

  • Have your website assessed with a professional search engine optimization specialist.
  • Put together a list of all your inbound links and check each one of them for link errors and broken links, which have possibly caused Google to penalize you.
  • Remove links from low PR sites and other websites that have referenced you.
  • If you can’t get the bad links your last resort is to use Google Disavow tools (this tool can help you get rid of links which value have depreciated through time.
  • Recreate your content and publish new ones according to the latest trend of keywords.
  • Craft a new SEO strategy and couple it together with a good marketing strategy.


Use high-ranking SEO keywords. The keywords that you have used years ago may not be as relevant compared to the keywords that Google have now. So here’s a tip. Research new keywords and replace your old keywords. Think about the keywords that you will use from the user experience standpoint and search for keywords based using words, short phrases, or sentences. Here are some more tips in researching for keywords.

  • Remember that researching keywords is not always about getting visitors, it’s about anticipating the right kind of visitors who can potentially turn into real time audience.
  • Judge keywords according to what your niche. For example, if you are operating a restaurant business think about the things that your target audience would use when researching to find establishments like yours.
  • To understand the value of a keyword, make some hypothesis, test, and repeat the same process – this is what you call the classic web marketing formula.


Use long-tail keywords. General keywords often have high competition because most people use them when they search a query in Google. To target keywords successfully, you need to start using long-tail keywords. Long tail keywords are longer and more specific key-phrases that customers are most likely to use when they are closer to making purchases or using a certain service.

So using the previous example, if you are operating a restaurant, the short tail keyword is “restaurant.” This keywords has more than 5, 000 monthly searches worldwide but very high competition. So when someone searches for “restaurant”, your company will most likely not be included because of the thousands of businesses that would come in SERP.

But with long tail keywords, you can come up with keywords such “fresh food restaurant Aurora” or “steak house aurora”. As you noticed, the location “Aurora” is included to tell search engines to pull up only those restaurants that are located within Aurora.

Conduct a manual or algorithmic evaluation. These are the two ways on which Google allows webpages to be reviewed. So here is how you can manually evaluate your website whether or not you have been penalized by Google algorithm.

  • Check if you are over-spamming. You don’t have to use a tool to see if you are doing it. If you publish the same content to a lot of websites, then you are over-spamming. If Google finds out that you have a lot of duplicate content, your content will not be indexed.
  • So what if, you really need to submit them to a lot of sources? This is again the moment wherein you will need the help of an SEO specialist. This is the time that Google algorithm would need to jump in but with the right person to help you, there’s a lot of chances you can cope with it.

Here’s how you can review your website using algorithmic evaluation:

  • Determine the quality of your content through linking structure, backlinks, content depth, and social media signals.
  • Assess whether your user experience is good. If your website mobile responsive? Does your pages load fast? Of course, don’t forget your site maps and original content.
  • Check your authority. Do you have strong Google authority? Have you used the Google business page or listed for Google location? Assess your site in terms of longevity and age.

Submit a sitemap. If you want to get rid of Google algorithm, you need to do this. Your SEO specialist basically knows how to do this. Sitemap is very important in the following scenario:

  • Your site has dynamic content
  • Your pages has some bad links or link errors which are not indexed by Google
  • Your site has a new page which has few links that you need Google to crawl
  • You have a large archive of published content making it hard for you to manually assess all of them


Use a good content marketing. Now, after reviewing your site, fixing unnecessary errors and targeting keywords another part of search engine optimization which you have to remember is content marketing. So here are some ways on how you can use a good content marketing.

  • Create a wealth of branded and quality content
  • Leverage partner sites or affiliates to gather quality links
  • Build relations with key influencers using social media

Finally, focus on converting your prospects into real-time customers. The only way you can say that your SEO strategy is successful is when you have driven a strong conversion rate. You have probably heard of this over and over again but it is worth noting that the more customers you get, the higher your revenue can become. For successful search engine optimization, try to leverage SEO services Aurora.