Qualities That Will Point You to the Right SEO Agency Aurora

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Looking for the best SEO Company whom you can trust your business’ success is just like winning a good relationship. Let’s think outside the box: many couples breakup because of misunderstandings and problems.

These couples have shared memories, laughter and love. Both of them would like to fight tell the end. That’s why you should pick your lover wisely by looking at his or her qualities. The same could be applied in choosing the right SEO Agency Aurora, you should look at its qualities so that you can tell if it’s a good one – a company with people you can work with to reach your SEO goals.

Below are some qualities of a good SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) company.

1.) A good team of workaholic and experienced professionals. What’s gonna work? Teamwork! An SEO company is not handled or controlled by a mere one individual. It operates with many employees. A good SEO company will handle its employees nicely and train them with experts that are specialized in SEO tools. Trained employees would then conduct some research on how search engines work. A good company would invest on newly developed tools to improve their team.

2.) Experience in a specific task that you are trying to achieve. Company experience is a good indicator if a company is a good SEO company. Many new SEO company pretend themselves as an experience SEO company. That is why you should rely not only on the SEO Company’s claim that they are experienced company but also to their reviews from people who were served by them.

There are many ways you can learn more about what the company can do for you such as going to their official website and reading their testimonials. You can also ask from friends for recommendation. One bad feedback does not necessarily mean that the company is bad. Some companies are really bad at some points, but they excel in other aspects such as Keyword Research or Off-Page Optimization. In this regard, you also need to know what you want for your business. Setting specific goals will let you know whether a company’s quality is perfect for you or not.

3.) Good communication during business SEO is not a simple task that could be done in a couple of days. Good SEO companies would contact and communicate with you throughout the process of SEO. SEO is a long-term process and it requires the customer to communicate with the SEO Company.

4.) Visibility. An SEO company’s visibility is a good quality because it doesn’t hide the company’s reputation and information. A well develop company would utilize all its profile and information for the possible customers and visitors of their website. People who would like to contact you and inquire would find it easy to do it because of the all your information and contact are intact at one page.

5) Knowledge in Google analytics. SEO companies would surely employ people who are certified in Google analytics. These employees could apply what they learned for the customer’s website. Individuals who are certified on this field would give you analytics report monthly for you to see if your website doing well. Data from the analytics report is important because they are essential in determining the problems of your website.

6.) Future planner. Your parents had surely put up a plan for you to succeed in life. These plans are essential for you to build a brighter future. SEO companies would think of a future plan for your website and implement is when the time comes. It will find the company’s flaws and strengths and use them to enhance the site’s SEO. SEO plans include site optimization and link building.

Qualities exist for a reason and that is to let you determine what is good from what is bad. When looking for the best SEO Agency Aurora, don’t hesitate to go back to this guide and learn about the best qualities that tell whether or not a company is good.

SEO Agency Aurora: Guide in Searching High Ranking Keywords


Isn’t it frustrating knowing your doing your best to get a high search rank but still you fall off short to those 4-9th page search engine results? Worry no more, in just 5 easy steps, gone are the days of those low search rank.

Searching for keywords is a little tough job to do if you don’t know what to do, using keywords can direct customers to your website or business or even lose them. But search ranking would depend if you had a successful keyword researching, how right keywords would let yours customers find your site easily and wrong keywords could make you lose them.

As we all know, searching for high ranking keywords is not just about the software in the internet, which can help us search for them. There many more things that you need to know such as: What does your customer want? What are the trending keywords in your niche today? Who are your competitors?

Want to know more about searching for high ranking keywords? Check these smart ways to find the right keyword.

1.) Know your business and be a customer. To be precise in choosing your keywords, you need to know what the purpose of your business is and how to act like a customer. If your business is a retail store, your purpose is selling goods and products to people, a customer should need this product because he or she is a consumer. Setting the right keywords would be easy if you follow these guidelines.  If a customer is searching for a “beverage” then you should consider making the word “beverage” as a keyword. Together with that, you should also incorporate you location. For best results of keywords, you can try the Google Keyword Tool to find high ranking keywords within your local area.

2.) Search by the search engines. Google is one of those big search engines where you could type and search for information you’re looking for.  For you to know the demand of a keyword, you should try typing it on many search engines. The keywords with top numbers of searches would be visible after typing it. These keywords are in great demand of people who are searching for an information or business, make sure that your website has this keyword so that customers or people searching for that specific word would see your website, thus, improving your website’s chance to be visited by the customer

3.) Keyword difficulty. Many business websites fail to direct customers to their website because of keyword difficulty. Keyword difficulty is one of the main reasons why many stores lose potential customers. Using the right keyword difficulty would be beneficial to you so that customers could easily find you. Don’t use difficult or unusual words because customers are also normal people.  They are not those bookworms who will use “Aurora store” for “Aurora establishment”. Instead using difficult words, you should focus on using casual words that normal people do for searching. In this way you could garner a bunch of customers.

4.) Collect data. Collect data by using a keyword after that you should look at how many potential customers had visited your website using the specific keyword. For example, let us say your keyword generated a 400 people and only 50 people had visited your website.  For every people you could gain money. Try another keyword again and observe how the demand of a keyword affects the number of visitors visiting your site. You should be using the keywords which fluctuates your visitors positively. By doing this you could ensure that you’re using the best keyword that could invite people to your website.

5.) Use the advance option. If you are using any software, always tweak the options. Since you are operating a local business in Aurora, you should only focus on keywords that related in your area. And the only way to tell Google that you want to find only “local specific keywords” is to indicate your location in Google. Remember that not all software have Geo-detect functionality. If the software requires manual entering of location, then you should be vigilant about it. You don’t want to pull up keywords that only high ranking in the neighboring state or city.

These are just five very easy to remember tips in searching for keywords by SEO Company Aurora. By doing all those steps you could rise and be at the top of those searching engines, do it now!


10 Important Ranking Tips for your Website from SEO Aurora


Ranking your website is a huge task. It takes a huge amount of time and creativity, especially on your part to craft a well-planned search engine optimization. To optimize your website for search engines, the following tips will help you make the entire process smooth and easy.

  1. Focus your website on one specific topic. When you get into online business, you need to focus on one niche. This is how search engine will categorize you. It can be about any other stuff and using such topic, you are going to research a group of keyword focusing on such.
  2. Research for top ranking and relevant keywords you can use for your site. Google AdWords Keyword Planner would be a great tool to help you find high ranking keywords with low competition. Keyword integration is important because it helps your content to become visible by search engines. Include your keywords in the page title, blog categories, tagline, Meta description, and page content.seo-aurora-link-building
  3. Exchange backlinks. This tactic is somehow very old and traditional but still proven very effective even until now. Your SEO specialist knows how to connect with relevant and high-authority websites where you can anchor your links. Also link between your own pages but do not link one page to another as this would become over-linking.
  4. Change your permalink structure. When you edit your WordPress blog, you will have a preset or default permalink. But some of these permalinks do not define the intent of your content, which makes it hard for search engines to recognize you. Before you publish your content take time to edit your permalink. Replace the numbers in your permalink with your keywords. Instead of having your title as permalink, you can just use your keywords alone. This makes it easy for search engines to index your page, giving it a higher chance of ranking in Google.seo-aurora-optimize-your-website
  5. Remove anything that slows down your website. Websites with large files often load very slowly because the pages become too heavy, especially those with videos and images. Having pages that load very slow can mean that your audience may not be able to enjoy optimum experience. So take out all videos that are slow loading, even if you have a really good internet connection. Broken images, page errors, unnecessary plugins and large images should also be removed. Install an automatic website optimizer in your website or if you want to re-upload some images, you need to optimize them first.
  6. Rename all your image files with your keywords. Remember that Google displace text and images in its search windows. Changing the name of your files can help search engines fetch your pages.
  7. Use keywords in your permalinks. Normally, permalinks would include a lot of numbers of figures, which makes your page hard to index by search engines. Using WordPress, you can edit your permalink and make it more attractive to search engines. Copy your whole title and paste it in the permalink field or you can just use your keywords alone. Make sure that you don’t have duplicate pages. If you have already used such keyword in other pages, then it is best that you stick on your title as permalink.
  8. Leverage social media. A good search engine optimization strategy should be matched with social media to attain a brighter result. As you see social media is one of the fastest growing factor in getting your website visible. Besides technically working on your website visibility, using social media allows you to engage with your prospects.
  9. Track your results. Ranking your websites requires a consistent check on your performance and the only way to see it is through Google Analytics. It gives you a summary of your website traffic, page performance, and conversion rates from day to day. When you see how your website is performing, you will know just when to adjust your strategy.seo-aurora-content-marketing
  10. Publish content on a daily basis. When you give your prospects something to look up to, they would be more eager to check your website from time to time. Craft a creative and interesting content based on your target keywords and prospects. Keep your topic clear, direct to the point, and engaging. Google also likes specific content, so make sure that you don’t forget integrate proper density of keywords along with interesting content.

Nowadays, search engine optimization has become a more interesting and competitive. With so many excellent marketers representing different companies, ranking website has become a more challenging task especially for starters. If you want to rank better in no time, leveraging SEO Aurora can help you build a strong search engine optimizations so you can have a better position in today’s competing market.

Get found on Google with SEO Services Aurora

Are you having a hard time getting indexed by Google search engine? Have you tried researching your own company in the internet and found nothing? If your answer is yes, then it is time that you leverage SEO services Aurora.

Search engine optimization can improve your website in a myriad of interesting ways.  When you hire the right people to work on your SEO, you take out a burden of you and increase the chances of getting your website indexed by Google.

In this article, you will learn some tips about using search engine optimization to improve your ranking in search engine results page (SERP).


Assess your current SEO strategy and reverse any damage done. If you have a SEO strategy but still your website is showing in the internet, then your strategy is defective or you have been penalized by Google. When this happens, it is time to revisit your strategy and fill in the possible gaps that made it ineffective. The following are some things you can do:

  • Have your website assessed with a professional search engine optimization specialist.
  • Put together a list of all your inbound links and check each one of them for link errors and broken links, which have possibly caused Google to penalize you.
  • Remove links from low PR sites and other websites that have referenced you.
  • If you can’t get the bad links your last resort is to use Google Disavow tools (this tool can help you get rid of links which value have depreciated through time.
  • Recreate your content and publish new ones according to the latest trend of keywords.
  • Craft a new SEO strategy and couple it together with a good marketing strategy.


Use high-ranking SEO keywords. The keywords that you have used years ago may not be as relevant compared to the keywords that Google have now. So here’s a tip. Research new keywords and replace your old keywords. Think about the keywords that you will use from the user experience standpoint and search for keywords based using words, short phrases, or sentences. Here are some more tips in researching for keywords.

  • Remember that researching keywords is not always about getting visitors, it’s about anticipating the right kind of visitors who can potentially turn into real time audience.
  • Judge keywords according to what your niche. For example, if you are operating a restaurant business think about the things that your target audience would use when researching to find establishments like yours.
  • To understand the value of a keyword, make some hypothesis, test, and repeat the same process – this is what you call the classic web marketing formula.


Use long-tail keywords. General keywords often have high competition because most people use them when they search a query in Google. To target keywords successfully, you need to start using long-tail keywords. Long tail keywords are longer and more specific key-phrases that customers are most likely to use when they are closer to making purchases or using a certain service.

So using the previous example, if you are operating a restaurant, the short tail keyword is “restaurant.” This keywords has more than 5, 000 monthly searches worldwide but very high competition. So when someone searches for “restaurant”, your company will most likely not be included because of the thousands of businesses that would come in SERP.

But with long tail keywords, you can come up with keywords such “fresh food restaurant Aurora” or “steak house aurora”. As you noticed, the location “Aurora” is included to tell search engines to pull up only those restaurants that are located within Aurora.

Conduct a manual or algorithmic evaluation. These are the two ways on which Google allows webpages to be reviewed. So here is how you can manually evaluate your website whether or not you have been penalized by Google algorithm.

  • Check if you are over-spamming. You don’t have to use a tool to see if you are doing it. If you publish the same content to a lot of websites, then you are over-spamming. If Google finds out that you have a lot of duplicate content, your content will not be indexed.
  • So what if, you really need to submit them to a lot of sources? This is again the moment wherein you will need the help of an SEO specialist. This is the time that Google algorithm would need to jump in but with the right person to help you, there’s a lot of chances you can cope with it.

Here’s how you can review your website using algorithmic evaluation:

  • Determine the quality of your content through linking structure, backlinks, content depth, and social media signals.
  • Assess whether your user experience is good. If your website mobile responsive? Does your pages load fast? Of course, don’t forget your site maps and original content.
  • Check your authority. Do you have strong Google authority? Have you used the Google business page or listed for Google location? Assess your site in terms of longevity and age.

Submit a sitemap. If you want to get rid of Google algorithm, you need to do this. Your SEO specialist basically knows how to do this. Sitemap is very important in the following scenario:

  • Your site has dynamic content
  • Your pages has some bad links or link errors which are not indexed by Google
  • Your site has a new page which has few links that you need Google to crawl
  • You have a large archive of published content making it hard for you to manually assess all of them


Use a good content marketing. Now, after reviewing your site, fixing unnecessary errors and targeting keywords another part of search engine optimization which you have to remember is content marketing. So here are some ways on how you can use a good content marketing.

  • Create a wealth of branded and quality content
  • Leverage partner sites or affiliates to gather quality links
  • Build relations with key influencers using social media

Finally, focus on converting your prospects into real-time customers. The only way you can say that your SEO strategy is successful is when you have driven a strong conversion rate. You have probably heard of this over and over again but it is worth noting that the more customers you get, the higher your revenue can become. For successful search engine optimization, try to leverage SEO services Aurora.

3 Practical Tips for an SEO Strategy that Will Last through the Years

SEO can die down through the time. Month after month, Google can change its SEO perspective and if your website cannot keep up with the updates, you will most likely find your business at the bottom. Keeping up with an ever-evolving SEO industry entails a lot of tasks and so much more when it comes to keeping your SEO relevant through the years.

Ignoring the concept of SEO relevance puts you at risk of being plagued with penalties. As you know, Google has now changed its policy for websites with poor content and poor ranking. If your business only relies on traffic, the negative effects of Google penguin can have catastrophic consequence for your own company.

Without a solid SEO strategy, your website will not maintain be able to maintain its Google reputation. Chances are you will find yourself heading through a downward spiral. So here are some practical tips on how you can make your SEO remain relevant despite the changes in the digital world.

  1. Implement an SEO focused on increasing mobile traffic. You’ve probably heard about this strategy for years now. What you should need to know is that mobile browsing has become an important element of a good SEO strategy. With the number of mobile users constantly increasing, brands need to develop a strong mobile presence by crafting an excellent SEO strategy.


In crafting an SEO strategy for a mobile-responsive website, you should also need to look at the following things:


  • Page load times – A study conducted on mobile website acceptability found that 69 percent of the mobile website designs were deemed not acceptable because they have very slow loading speed. One factor that contributes to slow loading pages is lack of optimization. So here are the things that you should do: (1) optimize the images before uploading in your blog; (2) replace related keywords with high ranking keywords from Google Keywords Planner or Tool; and (3) optimize your website.
  • Overlays and Popups – Not all websites need a pop-up button. For example, retailers having a Big Sale would probably need temporary pop-up buttons as part of their on-site advertising strategy. However, if you pop-ups don’t seem to be relevant then there is no reason why you would up such thing on your mobile website.

Pop-up and overlays can eat up a huge amount of size in your website, which will contribute to its slow loading speed. This is also the reason why most website only leverage pop-ups for a short time.

  • Unsupported content – Remove content that are not supported by your mobile browser such as videos that don’t load or display a cracked image. Aside that it can be very disappointing for mobile users, Google penguin can penalize you for being a slow performing website. Even if you have a good SEO strategy infused in your content, you will never make it to the top if Google will make your website invisible to targeted audience.
  1. Steer clear from keyword stuffing or content spamming in the thought that it would give you big returns on investments (RoA). RoA-oriented websites have less of luck in the new policy of Google. What most business owners are mistaken about SEO is thinking that putting a lot of keywords on the content will make them very popular in Google, therefore generating more money. Well, this should not be the case. If you want to earn a lot of money by using SEO, then you need to create content-oriented website and publish evergreen content.


Evergreen content are those topics that do not grow old with time. For example content that is only good for a day can wear off after 24 hours, so you need to publish another story. But if you are operating a niche website, then you need to choose SEO keywords that will be useful even after five years from now.


What you need is the capability to track users over a long period of time. In creating this the following are some lessons that you can learn.

  • number of visitors who arrive in your website after searching for queries
  • percentage of visitors who have successfully found the answers to your website and who have actually lead to revenue
  • percentage of people who have maintained visit in your website and have become loyal

It doesn’t matter if you are reporting to a client or measuring your own website’s performance. The most important thing is that your website has a purpose and keyword-rich content that are evergreen.

  1. Couple technical SEO with a good PR strategy and good content marketing – Mind you, you are not going to be very successful if you only depend on SEO. You are not a robot, right? And the things around you will not as you think they are automatic.

The truth is, technical SEO is great. Yes, your website needs it.  Using it will give you good SEO but to give your website a higher standard, you need to have a full package. Coupling your SEO with a good PR strategy, will make your SEO efforts even more effective. So here’s how you are going to do it.

  • Create a content marketing strategy with focus on your specific niche
  • Write content based on the keyword data you have gathered
  • Create quality content instead of flooding your site with poor ones
  • Target industry which can find your website relevant
  • Focus on indirect conversions
  • Use a heat map to determine which parts of your website is mostly visited, so you can improve them and remove those that are not functional anymore
  • Cross click whenever necessary

Now that you have learned the key points in keeping your SEO lasting, you would have more idea on how to keep your website on top of Google search engine. Whenever you get lost in the middle of the process, SEO Company Aurora will provide location-based SEO strategy to keep your website on top. Whenever you get lost in the middle of the process, you can always go back to this content and suit yourself with some guidance and information.