Smart Tips in Choosing an SEO Services Scarborough



First timers in SEO usually find difficulty in finding the right company to work for their business. Because of the fear to fall in the wrong, there are a lot of local businesses who become hesitant calling any company. The truth is, there could be many considerations that you need to put in place when finding for the right company.

Doing everything you could do to improve your website’s search ranking but still couldn’t get that sweet spot of success in a search engine’s top searches page?, we know how frustrating it is to experience this kind of thing but we could prevent this from happening by choosing an SEO company (Search Engine Optimization) to help you in achieving what you need.

Search Engine Optimization companies ensures that they coild make a site visited and accessible by the people, they do the job of making your website be on that top searches page of search engines.


Below are some tips on choosing the right SEO Company.

1.) Look for the SEO company’s SEO. This might sound ridiculous but it has some point, considering that it is an SEO company it should have a great search ranking/ Let us say, when you search for them and there are many similar company names but still they come up first and if information about that company starts to flood your search engine page – this is a good sign that you are dealing with the right person for Scarborough location.

2.) Look for the Companies reputation. You are hiring some people to your company and you came up with these two people, a well educated man with a working experience of 5 years and the other with a high school degree, in which of the two would you choose?, A simple question like that could be applied in choosing the right SEO company, compare the SEO companies which you’d likely choose and if you had some hard time choosing.  Look for some reviews of both companies. If you have seen the other company has many positive reviews, pick that company and remember this saying “Reputation comes with experience.”


3.) Price for the service. This is typically one of the biggest factors you should really consider in choosing the SEO services Scarborough. The SEO company wouldn’t be giving their service for free (nothing is free in these days), they would be serving you for packages like; 20 words for 20,000 pesos, content arrangement for 3,000 pesos, this are packages which could hurt you financially but we should consider this as a sacrifice, sacrifice that could pay off after some time. At the end of the day, it’s still your choice if you’ll pick those SEO Company to help you. Avoid companies with hidden fees because they are not trusted companies.

4.) Communication and Value. In choosing the right SEO Company, you should be treated as a special customer.  In that way, you could see how much they value their customers. If they treated you as special as their love ones then you should settle with that SEO Company. It is also good to observe communication with the SEO Company. If the SEO Company communicates with you often, it means they are treasuring you and they give value to their customers.


5.) Comfort of Feeling. The last thing you should consider is that whether or not you are happy working with the person you just hired. If you are not, then it is a red flag. Remember that SEO needs to be an effort between both sides. If you cannot work with your SEO person, then there would be problem getting information through different.

There are many SEO companies out there offering services for you. Make sure that you follow these simple steps in picking the right SEO Company.


How to Improve your Google Authority with SEO Kitchener


Many of us are obsess over Google page rank as much as everyone wants to be on top of search results.  Well, for business owners, getting on top of the industry is a major goal. So when operating an online business, one of your major target is to improve google authority.

What is google authority or domain authority?  Google authority is a website metric which is a useful tool in search engine optimization. When your authority is high, a lot of popular websites and net magazines will more likely to link to your site.

Want to improve your Google authority? Here are some ways you can improve your Google authority with SEO Kitchener.


Step 1. Make sure that your technical SEO are in proper position

The technicalities of search engine optimization can be better left to people who are trained to deal with them. These include your robot.txt file, sitemap, and URL structures, which are basically not so visible to the human eye but still need proper positioning to avoid Google penalties.

When fixing your search engine optimization, your effort should not only extend to on-page optimization. Robot.txt file includes commands Google spiders which pages to crawl. So if your sitemap have a series of duplicate pages, you will have to edit your robot.txt to determine which pages should be kept and which should not be indexed by Google.

Sitemap is where you can see all your pages, including documents, the Google spiders would crawl on your site. Unlike typical pages, sitemap contains confusing codes and URL which may need the hands of an SEO specialists.

URL structures are what usually appears above your page and can be edited using the WordPress site. To optimize your URL you need to rename it with the title of your article, or simply use your targeted keyword.


Step 2: Create quality and linkable content

Other than your internal link building strategy, you would also want other websites to connect with your site. This is one of the main factors that increases your Google authority. The following are some rules that you need to observe when creating content.

  • Design your keyword in a way that it does not diminish the quality of your content.
  • Install WordPress plugins that will help you determine whether or not you are already keyword stuffing. Plugins like SEO Pressor will help you arrange keywords and determine correct keywords density so still end up with a great content in light of search engine optimization.
  • Add relevant images and videos to your content but make sure you have optimize them (ex. Reduce their size through image optimizer, rename their filename with keywords)
  • Write content that is related to your industry or something that tackles current issue about your specific industry


Step 3: Build a strong internal linking strategy

Do not underestimate the power of internal liking. Although this is often one of the most overlooked SEO strategies, internal linking is still one of the most effective way to drive traffic to your other pages. Here are some important points that you need to remember when placing internal links.

  • Anchor your link to the correct keyword or phrase
  • Link text to relevant content within your website
  • Avoid using phrases such “click here” or “follow this link”
  • Apportion your link coherently with the number of words you use in your content (ex. Maximum of three links for content with more than 800 words)

Since you are linking internally, it is important that you also have a lot of content.  Being rich content will give you less difficulty in finding the write articles to link to. The more quality and linkable content you have, the more powerful your website will be.


Step 4: Remove link errors, toxic backlinks, and empty links

Don’t wait for Google to penalize your site. You can locate defective links in your site using sitemap. If you do not know how to use the sitemap, an SEO Kitchener specialist can help you check the sitemap and find links that are detrimental to your site. Using robot.txt, you can also control how Google would see your site.


Step 5: Have patience and perseverance

There is no shortcut in building a strong Google authority. Unlike social media like Facebook or Twitter, you can’t just buy Likes to make it show that you are popular. Even so, the effect of it would not be great.

So if you are doing exactly the things explained above, your Google Authority will rise. You just need to continue implementing the same rules in your site and not stopping even if you already have attained good results. Ranking is an ongoing task that you need to be really serious about. Generally speaking, the older and more consistent you are in your site strategies, the high authority you can become in Google.

When you need services to increase your Google authority, do not hesitate to contact the nearest SEO Kitchener specialists. People who are trained in search engine optimization can basically help you on how you can improve your site the best way possible.

10 Important Ranking Tips for your Website from SEO Aurora


Ranking your website is a huge task. It takes a huge amount of time and creativity, especially on your part to craft a well-planned search engine optimization. To optimize your website for search engines, the following tips will help you make the entire process smooth and easy.

  1. Focus your website on one specific topic. When you get into online business, you need to focus on one niche. This is how search engine will categorize you. It can be about any other stuff and using such topic, you are going to research a group of keyword focusing on such.
  2. Research for top ranking and relevant keywords you can use for your site. Google AdWords Keyword Planner would be a great tool to help you find high ranking keywords with low competition. Keyword integration is important because it helps your content to become visible by search engines. Include your keywords in the page title, blog categories, tagline, Meta description, and page content.seo-aurora-link-building
  3. Exchange backlinks. This tactic is somehow very old and traditional but still proven very effective even until now. Your SEO specialist knows how to connect with relevant and high-authority websites where you can anchor your links. Also link between your own pages but do not link one page to another as this would become over-linking.
  4. Change your permalink structure. When you edit your WordPress blog, you will have a preset or default permalink. But some of these permalinks do not define the intent of your content, which makes it hard for search engines to recognize you. Before you publish your content take time to edit your permalink. Replace the numbers in your permalink with your keywords. Instead of having your title as permalink, you can just use your keywords alone. This makes it easy for search engines to index your page, giving it a higher chance of ranking in Google.seo-aurora-optimize-your-website
  5. Remove anything that slows down your website. Websites with large files often load very slowly because the pages become too heavy, especially those with videos and images. Having pages that load very slow can mean that your audience may not be able to enjoy optimum experience. So take out all videos that are slow loading, even if you have a really good internet connection. Broken images, page errors, unnecessary plugins and large images should also be removed. Install an automatic website optimizer in your website or if you want to re-upload some images, you need to optimize them first.
  6. Rename all your image files with your keywords. Remember that Google displace text and images in its search windows. Changing the name of your files can help search engines fetch your pages.
  7. Use keywords in your permalinks. Normally, permalinks would include a lot of numbers of figures, which makes your page hard to index by search engines. Using WordPress, you can edit your permalink and make it more attractive to search engines. Copy your whole title and paste it in the permalink field or you can just use your keywords alone. Make sure that you don’t have duplicate pages. If you have already used such keyword in other pages, then it is best that you stick on your title as permalink.
  8. Leverage social media. A good search engine optimization strategy should be matched with social media to attain a brighter result. As you see social media is one of the fastest growing factor in getting your website visible. Besides technically working on your website visibility, using social media allows you to engage with your prospects.
  9. Track your results. Ranking your websites requires a consistent check on your performance and the only way to see it is through Google Analytics. It gives you a summary of your website traffic, page performance, and conversion rates from day to day. When you see how your website is performing, you will know just when to adjust your strategy.seo-aurora-content-marketing
  10. Publish content on a daily basis. When you give your prospects something to look up to, they would be more eager to check your website from time to time. Craft a creative and interesting content based on your target keywords and prospects. Keep your topic clear, direct to the point, and engaging. Google also likes specific content, so make sure that you don’t forget integrate proper density of keywords along with interesting content.

Nowadays, search engine optimization has become a more interesting and competitive. With so many excellent marketers representing different companies, ranking website has become a more challenging task especially for starters. If you want to rank better in no time, leveraging SEO Aurora can help you build a strong search engine optimizations so you can have a better position in today’s competing market.

Get found on Google with SEO Services Aurora

Are you having a hard time getting indexed by Google search engine? Have you tried researching your own company in the internet and found nothing? If your answer is yes, then it is time that you leverage SEO services Aurora.

Search engine optimization can improve your website in a myriad of interesting ways.  When you hire the right people to work on your SEO, you take out a burden of you and increase the chances of getting your website indexed by Google.

In this article, you will learn some tips about using search engine optimization to improve your ranking in search engine results page (SERP).


Assess your current SEO strategy and reverse any damage done. If you have a SEO strategy but still your website is showing in the internet, then your strategy is defective or you have been penalized by Google. When this happens, it is time to revisit your strategy and fill in the possible gaps that made it ineffective. The following are some things you can do:

  • Have your website assessed with a professional search engine optimization specialist.
  • Put together a list of all your inbound links and check each one of them for link errors and broken links, which have possibly caused Google to penalize you.
  • Remove links from low PR sites and other websites that have referenced you.
  • If you can’t get the bad links your last resort is to use Google Disavow tools (this tool can help you get rid of links which value have depreciated through time.
  • Recreate your content and publish new ones according to the latest trend of keywords.
  • Craft a new SEO strategy and couple it together with a good marketing strategy.


Use high-ranking SEO keywords. The keywords that you have used years ago may not be as relevant compared to the keywords that Google have now. So here’s a tip. Research new keywords and replace your old keywords. Think about the keywords that you will use from the user experience standpoint and search for keywords based using words, short phrases, or sentences. Here are some more tips in researching for keywords.

  • Remember that researching keywords is not always about getting visitors, it’s about anticipating the right kind of visitors who can potentially turn into real time audience.
  • Judge keywords according to what your niche. For example, if you are operating a restaurant business think about the things that your target audience would use when researching to find establishments like yours.
  • To understand the value of a keyword, make some hypothesis, test, and repeat the same process – this is what you call the classic web marketing formula.


Use long-tail keywords. General keywords often have high competition because most people use them when they search a query in Google. To target keywords successfully, you need to start using long-tail keywords. Long tail keywords are longer and more specific key-phrases that customers are most likely to use when they are closer to making purchases or using a certain service.

So using the previous example, if you are operating a restaurant, the short tail keyword is “restaurant.” This keywords has more than 5, 000 monthly searches worldwide but very high competition. So when someone searches for “restaurant”, your company will most likely not be included because of the thousands of businesses that would come in SERP.

But with long tail keywords, you can come up with keywords such “fresh food restaurant Aurora” or “steak house aurora”. As you noticed, the location “Aurora” is included to tell search engines to pull up only those restaurants that are located within Aurora.

Conduct a manual or algorithmic evaluation. These are the two ways on which Google allows webpages to be reviewed. So here is how you can manually evaluate your website whether or not you have been penalized by Google algorithm.

  • Check if you are over-spamming. You don’t have to use a tool to see if you are doing it. If you publish the same content to a lot of websites, then you are over-spamming. If Google finds out that you have a lot of duplicate content, your content will not be indexed.
  • So what if, you really need to submit them to a lot of sources? This is again the moment wherein you will need the help of an SEO specialist. This is the time that Google algorithm would need to jump in but with the right person to help you, there’s a lot of chances you can cope with it.

Here’s how you can review your website using algorithmic evaluation:

  • Determine the quality of your content through linking structure, backlinks, content depth, and social media signals.
  • Assess whether your user experience is good. If your website mobile responsive? Does your pages load fast? Of course, don’t forget your site maps and original content.
  • Check your authority. Do you have strong Google authority? Have you used the Google business page or listed for Google location? Assess your site in terms of longevity and age.

Submit a sitemap. If you want to get rid of Google algorithm, you need to do this. Your SEO specialist basically knows how to do this. Sitemap is very important in the following scenario:

  • Your site has dynamic content
  • Your pages has some bad links or link errors which are not indexed by Google
  • Your site has a new page which has few links that you need Google to crawl
  • You have a large archive of published content making it hard for you to manually assess all of them


Use a good content marketing. Now, after reviewing your site, fixing unnecessary errors and targeting keywords another part of search engine optimization which you have to remember is content marketing. So here are some ways on how you can use a good content marketing.

  • Create a wealth of branded and quality content
  • Leverage partner sites or affiliates to gather quality links
  • Build relations with key influencers using social media

Finally, focus on converting your prospects into real-time customers. The only way you can say that your SEO strategy is successful is when you have driven a strong conversion rate. You have probably heard of this over and over again but it is worth noting that the more customers you get, the higher your revenue can become. For successful search engine optimization, try to leverage SEO services Aurora.

All You Need to Know About Building a Successful Strategy for your Business with SEO Services Vaughan

When it comes to the internet marketing business – SEO is a giant investment which can also bring you enormous returns. Unlike most vertical markets, search engine optimization can improve your business without putting up a big capital.  With the right strategy, leveraging SEO could be the best move you can make for your own site.

A good SEO strategy requires excellent skills in targeting keywords and crafting a plan. If you cannot do it on your own, you will need some SEO services Vaughan. Local companies can basically help you vie in the local market and gain popularity from your location. If you think of it, search engine optimization is like a puzzle with many pieces. It includes content strategy, website design, link building, and tracking result. The task of SEO companies is to bring these pieces together to create a complete picture that will make your website attractive to search engines. The higher your visibility, the more leads you can gather.


Compelling content that sells. Content is the most important thing that matters in search engine optimization. When you have a very good website but do not have quality content, you are still not going to reach the top. However, good content coupled with professional keywords targeting can make a difference.

With this said, search engine optimization requires that you not only publish content. You also need to target industry-related keywords so that your content will be visible to search engines. How do you do this? Well, there’s a lot of ways you can pick up high-ranking keywords with low competition such using the Google Keyword Tool. The software will basically help you find the most popular keywords according to your website title, specific niche, and location. In fact, you can modify your research depending on what your company requires by filling out the options Google will give you in their page.

So now you have your keywords, what will you do next? Gone are the days for traditional content building. Rather than simply writing about a certain topic, this time you are going to build quality content according to the keywords you have researched. Next, you are going to design each keyword through your content in a way that you don’t over stuff them. The key is to keep it informative and interesting for your target audience, while maintaining the proper density of relevant keywords.


Friendly design for search engines. Even if you have already improved your content, search engines will not be able to see your website without a good design. How do you do this? First of all, SEO starts at the root of your website design down to property HTML tags placement, Meta tags, and header tags. Designing for website optimization also includes tactical use of images and minimizing the use of Flash and other elements that search engines cannot decipher. The bottom line is that your website should be something that support search engine optimization.

Aside from your website, it is an added point for your website to have a responsive design. As the age of mobile technology come to realization, more and more people are browsing products via their phones. If your website is not optimized for mobile viewing, users will have difficulty browsing through the elements of your website. As a consequence, you will most likely lose at least 50 percent of the mobile user population, which could have been users if you had a mobile responsive website.


Popular links. We all know that link building is a crucial element of search engine optimization. Because of this, your website’s relevance is also determined based on the quality of links that you embed in your content.  If your links are outdated, there is a high tendency the Google will not fetch it up. Well, there could be a lot of other companies vying for a top position in your industry and if your links are inferior, then it is understandable that they will earn a step higher than you do.

Although it can be time-consuming, getting relevant and high-quality link is a must. Links from major news sites and popular blogs (for external link building) and links from your high ranking pages (for internal link building) can add more value to your content.


Revise, Update, and Refresh. Unfortunately, search engine optimization is not just a one-time effort. You may be tempted to feel like your work is done once you have hired some SEO services Vaughan but the truth is that search engine optimization will require a life-long commitment. As long as your website is fully operational, you need to constantly nurture your SEO strategy to further increase your growth.

Nurturing SEO is crucial to long-term success. So here are some tips for you to do it the right way.

  • Keep your content in check. Refresh them at least once a week, or depending on the frequency of publication required of your niche.
  • Check for link errors and consistency. Delete old posts that did not have good ranking or those that are no longer relevant. If you feel that they can still be useful, but are too old, then you can at least revise them. For example, you have a very good content but it was published in 1999, you can’t expect people to love it. But if you can give a facelift, then it will again start driving attraction from leads.
  • Publish content on a regular basis. Research on the current trends and hottest talk-of-the-town in your industry. According to research people love to interact with those content that are trending. Especially that people browse through social media a lot, it would be very easy to gather attention from these channels using a combination of trendy content and search engine optimization.

There are many components of a successful search engine optimization. If you have difficulty in implementing your own strategy, then don’t hesitate to call for SEO services Vaughan. With really good SEO strategy, your business can drive more traffic and have high conversion rate.


How SEO Services Markham Can Help You Optimize your Video Content


Video-oriented websites basically need to have excellent loading speed for customers to enjoy an unprecedented user experience. However, since videos can contain large files, most website owners often encounter slow loading speed problems.

Whether you are new in video marketing or have been in business for a while, but have not yet gained good results, then you need search engine optimization. Just as you optimize landing pages and build full campaigns, video content also need an SEO strategy to become popular. In other words, you cannot just depend on YouTube to make your video go “viral”. If you can add some leading-edge optimization tactic, you can basically drive your business to success.

Well, you don’t have to do the search engine optimization alone. If you do not have the skills to delve on the technicalities of video optimization, then you can hire some SEO services Markham to do the job for you. To give you an idea of how video optimization is done, here are the top five things that a Markham SEO company can do to your videos.


Optimize videos according to your specific niche. Before the concept of video marketing platform came to existence, website owners would only leverage videos for brand awareness. Now, almost all websites have videos embedded in their pages. When you hire an SEO company, what they will do is determine the type of videos and the best approach that they will implement in your website to drive traffic.         A strategic vide can attract more leads and enhance conversion. Unlike ordinary video marketing campaign, search engine optimization will align your video’s concept to specific goals.

The following are some cored that SEO companies will consider in optimizing your video content:

  • The kinds of reactions that you want to gather from your audience (for example, if you are operating a website of funny videos, then you would want to limit your video content to funny ones and target keywords that are related to funny videos)
  • Your target audience (Are you targeting the millennial, teenagers, or above 60s? Or are you catering to specific community such as pet lovers, book lovers, or recipe enthusiasts?)
  • The number of leads you expect from the videos you have uploaded


Target relevant keywords and optimize your video content. SEO companies can research keywords that are related to your specific nice so when you upload your videos, they can easily get fetched by search engines. The following are just few common things companies can do for you:

  • Properly design keyword in your video description to avoid Google penalty
  • Add proper keywords in your meta description and video title
  • Review your website and remove unrelated and out-of-date keywords
  • Remove broken links and link errors from your videos
  • Improve video transcript (This is very useful if you are using tutorial videos. What SEO companies will do is to add keywords to the written words under your video so that it can easily get fetched by search engines.)
  • Promote your video using multi-platform strategy so your video is distributed across multiple outlets.

On the other hand, video optimization is just one way to reduce the size of your video, so they can easily load. Instead of doing it on your own, SEO companies can use professional optimizer tool to reduce the size of you videos without compromising their quality.


Add a lead-capture feature. Unlike ordinary pop-up buttons, lead capture forms can drive leads more than you can ever think. This is basically beneficial especially for websites that have opt-in email sign ups. SEO companies can basically design a more creative email gate which your target audience

Additionally, SEO Company Markham can help you take advantage on some video marketing platforms to build contact forms to include at the end of your videos. You can collect information without sounding like a scammer.


Analyze your site performance for future references. The last and most important thing is to measure your results. Using Google Analytics and other helpful tools, a search engine optimization specialist will help you know whether or not your strategy has been successful. This means that you are not going to be blind about how things are going on. If you are creating a lot of videos, you would basically want a video marketing platform that will give you access to a detailed data. Aside from this information, the SEO Company can give you data analysis so that you will have a gauge as you continue your SEO plan.

With the right SEO Company Markham, you will definitely drive your business to success. Always remember that video marketing isn’t all about how much effort you have spent. It’s all about working with a great company for a fruitful search engine optimization. Once you achieve it, you are definitely in the right track.


Guidelines for First Timers on How to Choose the Best SEO company GTA


Search engine optimization is becoming more and more complex everyday. Without fair knowledge and skills, one could be easily lost in the middle of the cycle.  This is the reason why almost every one of us would want to hire an SEO company GTA to work on our SEO needs.

Every online business can definitely benefit from improving their ranking on search engines, especially in Google. Since Google analytics added latest updates on its quality assurance checklist, many business owners have been burdened of not showing up on Google page results. The most common problems that websites normally encounter are broken links, lack of content, and absence of mobile responsive design, slow loading speed, link errors, and poor content quality. These are issues that can easily be resolved when you have the best SEO Company.

So how can you tell which one is the best partner for you and what are the things that you should look out for? Here’s a quick for first timers in search engine optimization.


Shortlist your best five companies. After you browsed a couple of SEO companies in GTA, the next you should do is to rate the best five according to the type and level of activities you need for your website. When you narrow your research, it would be easier for you to spot which team is the most suitable for your business.

Check their own SEO. The golden rule is that, good companies also have a very good search engine optimization. This also comes with the saying that, “Before you can change someone else work, you need to first show the change from your own.” A lot of SEO companies have very good landing pages and website testimonials, you almost caught yourself off guard. But hey! How is their SEO?

Well, it takes a year for an SEO company to have a strong reputation in Google, especially that the SEO market is highly competitive. So you need to make sure that the company is also good in their own SEO.  One way to tell whether or not a certain company has good SEO is that when you search it up on the internet, it should show up in the first page of Google search engine. Their Meta description should contain the basic information about the company, have good local ranking, and cover basics like having a Google+ page. Check if the company is visible in other places as well despite the fact that it has a lot of competitors.


Look at the company’s Portfolio. Of course, one of the most important things you should not forget is the Portfolio. When you browse the company’s website, try to ask yourself these following questions.

  • Does the company have case studies, online reviews, and a lot of relevant content?
  • How many clients has the company worked with?
  • What are its core competencies? Does it have expertise on your specific job?
  • Does it have some press releases listed on major search engines?

Some companies would have a specific tab where customers can view their portfolio but some don’t have. It all basically depends on the company. This time you really have to test your research skills.

Ask how much the price is. Another thing that should gauge whether or not the company is great for you is the price. If it’s offering a package like “20 keywords for $500” or any kind of agency that offers standardized pricing, then it’s not a company that will work for your best interest. A good company would basically first check the problems in your website and craft a good strategy out of its findings. If you have a very good content flow and keyword, then you don’t need to get plugged into the company’s own strategy. However, if you are still not showing in Google search engine, despite having very good content, then the problem is probably in your website itself. If you opt for standardized pricing, you would not be able to determine your real problem.


After all the research, ask yourself if the company is something that would care about you.  A good SEO firm will do its best to comprehend your customer behavior and position your SEO in a way that would address your customers’ needs. As you see, search engine optimization is not just a one-man effort. The company should be able to work with in achieving your goals of making your website visible in search engines and earn high ranking.

After vetting the best SEO Company Vaughan from your shortlist, you will likely find yourself with a much better partner who can genuinely help you with your SEO needs and stay strong for the years to     come.  Don’t be too timid in hiring your next SEO Company – Vaughan is a haven of really good search engine optimization experts. All you need to do is be diligent and meticulous in choosing the right one.

SEO Company Scarborough: Basic Guide for Beginners

Search engine competition in Scarborough is currently on the front edge of competition. If you are a beginner, you need to understand that there is no magic way to bring your website on top of Google search results page. Search engines are governed by complex algorithms and the only you can vie for your rank is to invest in search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is a complex strategy. But with the right SEO Company Scarborough, it would be easy for you to overcome the difficulties you will encounter along the way.  So just sit back and relax and read through this guide and learn the basics of search engine optimization.

Page-title-seo-company-scarboroughPage Title

The page title is a crucial element in SEO because this is how you are going to be pulled up by search engine. There are two types of title that you should work on. First is the Home Page Title, which is the name of your website. Well, it is not impossible that you will have a lot of competitor for your specific niche. So make sure that your home page title is unique.

The second is your blog content title. Unlike the former, this can be lengthier and more descriptive of the content. Since blog are published on a daily basis, you may need to create unique titles everyday.  For search engine optimization, your page title you need to do the following:

  • Craft a short but creative title for your pages and blog content
  • Make sure to include short and long tail keywords for the title
  • Make your title descriptive about what the article is all about


Page description is also known as the Meta Tag. It’s very important because it gives users the summary about what your page is all about. It is also one of the basis on how Google search engine would understand the content and relevance of your website when someone search for related keywords.  Here are some guidelines on how to write really good descriptions.

  • Provide a unique description for all of your pages, posts, and products, in your website.
  • Keep your Meta description direct to the point, around 150-160 characters.
  • Do not repeat the title in the description as this would only cost you redundancy and a lot of space.
  • Limit your description to only one keyword per Meta description. Don’t over stuff.

Think of your Meta description as an advertisement, which users will be interested to view.

Permanent-linkPermanent link structure

This refers to the standard format of link structures for your website, which shows at the website address bar. You can edit your permalink in your WordPress account.

  • Make URL simple and easy to understand not only for users but also for search engines
  • Remove unnecessary information in your URL
  • Keep your URL concise so it doesn’t get cut
  • Use only one keyword for your permalink and avoid keyword stuffing

Examples of BAD URL structures:

When you look at these permalinks, you cannot tell what content they are referring to. Just like how you see them, search engines will also have difficulty in deciphering what it means.

Examples of GOOD URL structures

In these examples, the links are very understandable. The hyphens also helped put a division between words so they are very easy for search engines to read.


Internal Links

These are links within your content that leads audience to other resources within your website. When it comes to internal links, you need to make sure that each link embedded in your keywords are fully functional. In case, your link leads to broken pages or error pages, there is a high tendency that Google would not be able to fetch your content.  Here are some points you need to remember when internal linking.

  • Anchor you link to a related keyword.
  • Don’t use internal link if it is not necessary. A blog post which has a lot of internal link can be very disturbing.
  • Check your internal link if it is functional just to make sure that your content will not be penalized by Google.
  • Avoid using key phrases such as “Click here for more information…” or “Follow this link…” Aside that they sound spammy, customers as much as possible would want to avoid such links.
  • Don’t repeat the same link in one blog content.

Image optimization

For websites that are image oriented, you need to extra careful with the image you uploaded. Especially if they are very large, they could slow down your loading speed. If you decide to use images, mind the following suggestions:

  • Optimize your image. There are a lot of free image optimizer in the internet, which you can use or you can install image optimizer plugin into your WordPress.
  • Use Alt Text to describe your image and put at least one keyword.
  • Use keywords when you save your images or rename the image to one of your related keyword.

Now these are just the basic SEO techniques you can learn and do on your own. More complex search engine optimization strategy can be implemented by SEO Company Scarborough to increase your local ranking. Once you have optimized your website for SEO by following the above guidelines, your next move is to concentrate on improve your website. Well, SEO is not just a one-time effort. Once you have started it, you need to keep it going for many years to keep your ranking.

Three Things Business Starters Should Not Forget About Local SEO Milton

Local search engine optimization is an asset for anyone who is operating and online business. Especially for those who have physical stores, having a fully optimized website can help generate organic leads which can later on turn into real time customers.

For most starters in business, search engine optimization can be really tricky. Most business owners basically get lost in dealing with all the customary SEO stuff and other complex activities associated with keyword tracking and lead generation. Hence, in this article, SEO Milton specialists explains the most basic things you should not forget about search engine optimization.

Accuracy and consistency should be on top. Above everything else, your website should be accurate and consistent, especially when it comes to NAP. NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number, which the most important component of local SEO.  These are basically some fundamental aspects of your site that should be precise since users will depend on them to reach on you.

Another thing that you should check for 100 percent accuracy are the content and information in your website. Be very meticulous about dates, especially when you are referring into a certain past or future occurrence. If you are using data in your published content, you also need to make sure that you get them from reliable source. The reason why a local SEO Milton would require it is that Google Policy have recent changed that will probably affect your site.

Correctness of NAP.

Unlike mainstream business, local business need to be very particular when it comes to their basic information. In order for the local search engine to validate the existence of your local pages, it needs to make sure that every point of data seamlessly aligns. This means that you don’t only correct what is in your website. You also need to check other channels where you have listed your website to make sure that the NAP is correct.

So, for example if the name of your business is Clark’s Tailoring and you have been listed as Charlie’s Tailoring, your expected customers will definitely not reach you. The worst thing that could happen is that another business named “Charlie’s Tailoring” might get the traffic that could have been yours.

How do you make your NAP consistent?

Consistency means being steadily mentioned or cited in other websites. Getting referenced to or added as external links is an additional asset for your website to get discovered. In this case, you need to make sure that what is being used by other website is also consistent with the information you have. This is where you will need to hire an SEO Milton specialist to help you track down other sources that are using your link or you can do it yourself, if you are not too busy.

Listings still work. A good SEO strategy basically includes being listed in local listings. This is often the most overlooked features of search engine optimization. Although it can be very tedious listing your products or pages to Yellow Pages or the local directories can be very useful.

Engaging people using different social media channels. It’s time to review your Facebook. Did you buy these Likes? How much percent of the people who liked your website actually commented or reacted to your posts? Well, if you are having a Facebook account with 11, 000 Likes but do not have good interaction then you are not doing your social media task well.

Well, it is not enough that you have a Facebook account with 11, 000 Likes. It doesn’t matter how many Likes you have on Facebook. What matters most are the people who show care for your posts and give Feedback whenever you post anything. If your Facebook is only for show, then you are wasting the time you could have used to generate leads and turn these leads into your real time customers. So here are some tips.

  • Determine which social media channel would work best for you by first determining your target audience.
  • Find out which social media are your target audience most active. Don’t just depend on Facebook alone. There are social media you can use such as Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  • Craft a good SEO campaign for your social media and gather organic leads. It doesn’t matter if you have small followers on Twitter or likers on Facebook. The most important thing is that people are commenting on your posts.
  • Use some social media management such Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule important posts. As much as possible, you would want to publish content on a regular basis to keep your target audience interested in your product.

A good SEO coupled with an excellent social media strategy allows increased visibility for local business. All conventional SEO strategies can received a major makeover when it comes to local SEO. Basically local SEO can take a lot of effort but when you have the right SEO Milton specialists, you are in good hands.

How SEO Company North York Can Help Grow Your Business in No Time

Small business starters who are looking to gain traction from local prospects need internet exposure to increase traffic.  To do that, you will need a good SEO Company North York to help you boost organic visitors from your area.

SEO marketing or search engine optimization basically involves several processes to increase visibility of a webpage. By implementing a good SEO plan your website will have higher chances of getting fetched by Google search engine, thereby allowing earning your website a spot in the search results page.  If you are wondering how everything works, this article will tell you all about SEO marketing and how a company specializing in search engine optimization can help you gain better and quality traffic in no time.

People make at least 100 billion searching in Google every month. Out of this number, 20 to 60 percent of it can drop by your website, access some services, and become your real time customers. The question is do you have the time to manage your SEO strategy?

Most website owners seldom have the time to market their pages and dig in deeper into the technicalities of search engine optimization. This is where SEO Company North York would come in. When the pressure in the marketing arena is too high and your busy schedule is crumpling you down, you can leverage the help of an SEO company to work on your SEO needs. Companies expertizing in search engine optimization basically have the tools to monitor latest SEO trends and spontaneously published quality SEO-rich posts on your blog to cater to your visitors. Since SEO professionals have undergone training and certification, they know exactly how to improve your website user functionality and recommend more ways to spice up your website and make thousands of users stick to your product.


There are better and more cost efficient alternatives for expensive advertisements. How much have you spent for paid ads lately?  Did your traffic increased? If your answer is either no or you don’t know at all, then hiring an SEO company can be a wise investment.  SEO companies can help you run an SEO campaign for free without using the sponsored campaign in Social Media. By optimizing your site and providing you with quality content, your site will have higher visibility without spending too much.

Content is king for search engine optimization. So even without sponsored ads, sharing content that are rich in SEO keywords on the social media can help you reach out to hundreds of people in your location and even attract some quality traffic from all around the world.


You can increase your Google Authority using hyper targeted content. Your SEO Company basically knows more about this. SEO companies can craft creative strategies that will increase your authority over Google and let everyone on the web think you have the absolute best content for your industry.

What else can an SEO company do to grow your business?

  • Gives you advice on how to use products
  • Optimize content such as blogs, videos and content
  • Make website mobile responsive for mobile user targeting
  • Capture high ranking keywords for content optimization
  • Install plugins for WordPress for easy content processing

Website that engages more with customers gain better popularity over those websites that manipulate SEO tricks. Guys, it’s not all about stuffing a lot of keywords and tweaking a lot of things in your SEO tools just to gain traffic. If this is what you are doing, then you are doing the wrong thing.

A complete search engine optimization strategy also includes customer engagement. And if you don’t have time to do this, then the SEO company will do it for you.  A good SEO company will help you put a great content to build and engage a community of like-minded people who are committed to the same things. So for example, if you are engaged in the retail business, then the SEO specialist can craft engaging and interesting content to cater the people the retail industry.


Lastly, aside that SEO is free it can last longer than an Ad Campaign.  Think of this. When you have a sponsored campaign, you can run it for a long time but when you run out of money, you will also run out of traffic. But with SEO embedded in your content, you can have it for years and you don’t know have to worry about them getting old. Years and years from now, these content can still be pulled up by so many users throughout the world and still remain useful. The key to having a life-long search engine optimization is creating evergreen content.

If you want to generate more revenue and become more popular in the internet, feel free to reach out a good SEO Company North York.  The more visibility you have online, the bigger your business can grow.