Software Internship Toronto, Ontario

An established software company in Toronto, Ontario is in search of software interns. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain professional experience in the tech industry.


A little bit about the company

We are SearchShark. Our job is to help businesses get the exposure they need and want. How we increase our client’s exposure is through Search Engine Optimization and Website Optimization. SEO helps our clients get higher up in search results and more exposure for their business. Website Optimization increases a website’s usability and accessibility so users come back again and again. Our strategic and innovative solutions designed by experts propel clients to the top of search engine results, and the top of their field. You can be a part of this and help businesses reach their goals.


Benefits of an internship with SearchShark

Internships are extremely valuable in terms of learning practical skills for a future career in the industry. In addition to education, employers are starting to look for applicable experience when hiring. More than half of all software interns are offered a full-time position when their stint is over. If you aren’t ready for a full-time position yet, you will still have a wealth of experience and knowledge from SearchSharks software experts. You will personally be working with software engineers and developers with a multitude of combined experience. When you go back to your university or move into a software development career, you’ll already have skills under your belt. This way, you’ll have an advantage over your peers.


SearchShark Interns

When we are looking for interns at SearchShark in Toronto, Ontario, there are a few important qualities to have. Most of all, we want interns that are interested in and passionate about software development and engineering. Our professionals are equipped with years of training and experience, and they are here to share it with you! If you want to learn the secrets to their success, we want you as an intern. Another valuable trait is ability to problem solve. No matter what the problem may be, creative thinking is a must. Here are other skills we like to see in our candidates for internships:

Software Internship Brampton, Ontario with SEARCH SHARK

When you are looking for a fulfilling career and also looking to gain some experience in the field of which you want to work, sometimes it is important to start with an internship. When looking to get into the field of search engine optimization Search Shark is one of leading companies in SEO and they are also known for internet marketing. When you Google SEO Mississauga you can see that Search Shark ranks number one on the search engine. Search Sharks most recent internal goal is to become the number one ranked spot when you search for SEO Brampton. They are confident that they can make this rank but they are always looking for new and promising talent to help them with that. With search optimization being either the life or death of any company big or small you are not only accomplishing things for yourself but making the life of others better as well. Search Shark is one of the few leading companies offering their service in eastern Canada. They are looking to expand and help business owners in the Brampton, Ontario area with their SEO marketing. Search Shark is also one of the up and coming search optimization services; they get more known and receive better clients every day. They offer their services to all types of companies no matter the size. With this being said it means that there is an unlimited amount of learning and experience you can gain. An internship with Search Shark is a good step in any careers because it is a company that puts their clients first.

Search Shark is a local SEO, their team of professional help bring more quality to visitors for their Clients. Search Shark is a company with a high google search rating meaning that they show results and not just offer empty promises. They help companies achieve up to 40 percent more business. The services they offer and the services that an intern can learn are search engine optimization, website optimization, pay per click marking, and youtube marketing. Search shark is listed on the better business Bureau as an accredited business and is certified in Analytics and Adwords.

What you can gain from an internship with Search Shark is, help to develop your career in digital through training, learning, and experience. They also have a talented and dedicated team of professionals with great portfolios, so this is a chance to meet, work with and learn from people behind one of the biggest and successful SEO companies in all of the Toronto area. They also offer perks and benefits for workers to inspire them to have full job success. They offer health and dental benefits, recreational activities, regular team building activities, paid training and certification, paid vacation, personalized workspace, casual work environments and modern office spaces.

Search Shark is the only place where a job can be both fun and fulfilling.  The team located in Brampton is looking to expand their client base so they need more tech savvy individuals to help them with that So its time to join the team in Brampton, Ontario and get hands-on training, learning and also experience to start your fulfilling career.


Software Internship in Hamilton, Ontario

An internship with an established software company is a great way to supplement your university education. SearchSharks is looking for software interns in the Hamilton, Ontario area.


A little background about SearchShark

Here at SearchShark, we use innovative software strategies to help businesses grow and meet their goals. We offer custom software solutions to fit our clients’ needs. This comes in the form of Search Engine Optimization to increase reach and visibility on search engines. This also comes in the form of Website Optimization; this means ease-of-use websites that users will come back to time and time again. SearchShark aims to move businesses to the top of their industry, and the top of search results. Custom software development is what we do best.


What you could gain from an internship at SearchShark

An internship is as good as gold these days. Most employers say they want entry-level employees to have had at least two internships during university. Additionally, about 67% of interns in North America are offered full-time jobs when their internship has ended. Even if you aren’t ready for a full-time job at the end of your time here, you will be able to take away valuable knowledge and experience to your university and your next position at a software company. You will work in close proximity with SearchShark’s best software developers and engineers. From them, you will learn first-hand the ins and outs of the industry. The practical knowledge you could gain will set you apart from your peers and help you get a foot in the door of the tech world.


What we are looking for in interns

There are a few qualities that we think will make a successful intern at SearchShark.

  • First and foremost, creative problem solving abilities are key. Whether you are dealing with an unruly copy machine or a serious bug in a piece of code, you should be able to think creatively about the problem at hand.
  • We are also looking for interns with fantastic communication skills, because software development is not just about sitting alone typing on your desktop. As a part of the SearchShark team, you will be interacting with all levels of professionals in our company.
  • A self-starting mindset is another desirable quality. In your future full time career as a software developer or engineer, you will often be responsible for completing certain tasks on your own. Thinking of an internship as preparation for your career in the tech industry, a successful intern has the capabilities to initiate tasks themselves.
  • Last and most important, being coachable and excited to learn is a necessary quality in an intern! Our software experts at SearchShark have an incredible amount of combined knowledge to share with you. We want you to gain as much knowledge and practical, hands-on experience as possible during your time here.


We are looking forward to having you as an intern at SearchShark in Hamilton, Ontario, and hope to see your application in our inbox soon.


Software Internship Oakville Ontario

An internship is fast becoming something that many employers look for when reading your CV. It seems the more internships you have to show off, the better your chances at getting to the interview stages of your job application. This is because although you may already have a college degree – at that stage it is all theoretical, once you have been through an internship those theories have now been put into practice and you have experience in your respective field.


Applying for an internship at a software company? What will they be looking for?


Your internship employer at the software company – or any other company for that matter will be looking at how you handle the day to day tasks of professional work. From turning up on time, to handling criticism, to learning and handling the new various tasks you have been assigned to.


So why choose a software internship in Oakville, ON?


As previously mentioned, one of the top reasons as to why you should choose an internship is the fact that it is going to make you CV look that much better, and enable it to stand out from a potentially quite large crowd. Having the opportunity to get real life experience in the field you want to work in, is not only going to solidify all you learnt in college, but is also going to boost your confidence for when you apply for that all important job interview after the internship. Applying for a software internship will provide you with a great chance to learn the software development processes you may need to in the future and all the while you will continue to be coached and mentored by experienced, and talented individuals or teams of people that are more than willing to help. Another factor would be you learning how to interact with prospective, or current clients of the company you are interning for. Don’t forget it is also very much possible that if you do well enough in your internship you may not even have to apply to look for another job once it is over because the company you have been interning at (if happy with your work with them) could potentially invite you to remain with them on a full time employment basis.


To note


It is important to note that finding an company that pays their interns is few and far between. Most interns work on a voluntary basis so if you are strapped for cash or need a paid job – it is probably sensible to consider getting a part time job for the days in which you are not at your internship.


Although unpaid the rewards that you could potentially get from taking part in an internship are incredible. Boosting your CV, confidence and future they give you experience and knowledge that you would not be able to get from a classroom and are definitely worth it in the end. So if you are in Oakville, and want and internship in software definitely have a look at

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