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The biggest challenge for any small to medium sized company is growing their online presence.

You may have a professionally done website on hand but is it enough? There are other factors

that you need to take into account if you want your presence to be felt over the internet such as

using SEO or Search Engine Optimization in your site and when it comes to SEO Hamilton,

there is only one reliable company that can help you and that is Search Shark.

Why Hire Our SEO Hamilton Service?

Ever wonder why your competitors are leaving you behind? One reason behind this is that you

haven’t optimized your website properly for it to be searchable online. Yes, you have a nice

website but without it attracting traffic, you won’t get noticed at all.

At Search Shark, we integrate Hamilton search engine optimization to your website’s content

using keywords and key phrases that are related to your business. We can help you build the

right marketing strategy and assist in promoting your company through Google+, Instagram,

YouTube, and other social media platforms for better visibility and traffic.

What sets us apart from other companies that offer SEO Hamilton services is the fact that we

employ young and innovative individuals who are experts in SEO marketing to bring your

business to the fore.

Professional SEO Company Hamilton

For those who are in need of Hamilton search engine optimization assistance, it is important that

you rely on a company that not only guarantees quality SEO but is also Adwords and AdSense

certified to ensure that you are working with a professional team. We at Search Shark meet these

requirements to the T and, what’s more, we offer reasonable rates for our services.

What Makes A Good SEO Expert For Your Business?

What Makes A Good SEO Expert For Your Business?

Whatever kind of business you are running, regardless of the size, you deserve excellent search engine optimization services to take your online brand higher. Even though there are individuals that feel they can handle the process very well, an SEO expert will do you an even better job with your project but only if you take your time to hire the best. So, what makes a good expert?

Understanding of quality content

The expert should have a clear understanding of what quality content is all about. This means that they should be familiar with your business type and the specific needs, it has so that they can develop a strategy that is bound to bring in positive results. Find out what content means to your agent before hiring the service.

SEO experience

Fresh SEO experts can still offer you excellent results with the project, but if you are looking for fast, effective handling of the project, then you might need to look for an experienced firm. Experience means that the company knows your needs and has a clearer picture of working towards achieving the best. It also means that they are familiar with the best SEO tools and techniques they can easily employ to gain maximized results.

Market reputation

One of the best methods you can use to tell how competitive the expert is, is by looking at the kind of reputation he has. Look at what previous customers have to say about the services offered to them by the company and take the time to look at work and result samples to make evaluations. When you choose a reputable agent, you will have an easy time trusting in their abilities and getting your brand higher.

Client retention rate

If an expert is able to maintain an impressive customer base, then it is simply because he has quality services to offer. It is part of the reputation and you can tell a lot about them through the number of active clients they have currently. A high retention rate goes to prove the legitimacy of the company and you know you can trust in the services you are about to hire.

The SEO services

Truth is SEO can be very broad and different businesses have different needs. If you are a startup, then you should choose a service provider who can offer you the basic SEO services you need and expand them as your business continues to grow. Find out what the expert can do for you to match your budget and needs. The more the services you can enjoy from the professional the better it will be for business.

The SEO tactics

To be on the safe side, select only an expert who believes in white hat SEO tactics and not black or gray tactics that can land you in search engine trouble. Ask about the tactics they are going to employ and determine how real and natural they are going to be for your business. The SEO strategy used should be as organic as it ought to be.



When choosing an SEO company Mississauga, you should be sure of what kind of services it has to offer you and how it will go about the process. Find out as much as you can about white hat SEO to help you make a good decision.


Reasons To Hire A SEO Professional For Your Project

Reasons To Hire A SEO Professional For Your Project

If you are looking to cut costs and at the same time enjoy great market exposure, then search engine optimization is the way to go. The fact is that if you are keen and willing to learn, you can handle the optimization fine, but it might be better for you to let an expert handle your project on your behalf because of several reasons.

It saves you time – When you hire an agency, you don’t have to spend much of your time trying to make it work. Remember that SEO can be lots of work considering the processes involved, including lead generation, list building and link creation among others. When you delegate the project, you will have time to focus on other parts of your business as the experts do what they do best to improve your online presence.

You will enjoy better results – If you are not very familiar with the latest SEO trends, you can stagnate in your progress for a long time. When using a professional however, a few tweaks can make a huge improvement in your ranking. The experts know the latest techniques and ways of using them to fetch expected results, hence better results for your business. They know exactly how to put together successful campaigns for your brand.

They are updated – The fact is that SEO is ever changing. For instance, Penguin and Panda might only mean animals to you, but to an SEO expert, they are important tools for optimization. When working with one, therefore, you can be sure to never miss out on tools and techniques that can make all the difference for your business or brand. You can also be sure that they will be doing everything right to get to your objectives in the most natural way possible to keep your ranks and reputation high.

You will get a second opinion – At times you think you have it all figured out until you get to hear what another person has to say about your ideas and how to execute them. You will realize just how many things you overlooked in your approach and just how much more potential your idea has when you involve a reputable agency in your project. The professional can help you to look at the approach from a whole new fresh perspective to open up opportunities you have been missing out on.

You save money on resources and tools – At a reasonable fee, your SEO expert will handle everything on your behalf saving you money in the process. You might have the right tools, but failure to use them in the correct way can be very expensive. When you hire a professional, you will not only be sure of the right tools being used, but you know they will be maximized and used correctly to fetch the expected results. You simply need to share your ideas and objectives and the expert will know what tools and resources to employ to get you there.



Mississauga SEO services can turn your brand around and gain you valuable traffic at very reasonable rates. Sometimes it is best to leave it to the experts to enjoy high quality results.


Questions To Ask Your SEO Expert When Hiring

Questions To Ask Your SEO Expert When Hiring

Search engine optimization experts can do a lot for your content as far as making it visible and valuable is concerned. On your part, however, you should ensure that you are hiring the right people for the job ahead of you. Asking important SEO questions can help you make the right decision increasing your success rates with the efforts you put into SEO.

  1. What SEO experience do you have?

It is not enough to have experience, but also the right kind of experience around the search engine optimization in your field. The more familiar the expert is with your business or your topics the easier it will be for him to deliver quality results with the services that you need. Experience also means that he can handle the project fast and efficiently to help you leg up on your competition. Listen to how he handles this question to help you gauge his abilities in relation to your expectations.

  1. What SEO techniques will you employ?

Again, it is not enough to know the best techniques for your niche but also how to apply the same to get the best search engine results. You can listen to the explanation and relate it to what you already know about the techniques to tell whether he knows what he is talking about. Even if you know nothing about the techniques, you can check them up later and relate to the response that you got to determine the suitability of the expert in handling your project. It is very helpful to find out as much as you can about the techniques and tools so you make informed decisions every time.

  1. What SEO techniques will you avoid?

The question will basically help you know whether your service provider knows about techniques that can land your website into trouble with search engines. An expert who handles this question by listing the harmful, illegalSEO strategies like scraping, spamming, use of doorway pages, stuffing and hidden texts is definitely aware of search engine content guidelines and will offer you the best results.

  1. Can I see your previous work and referrals?

A professional who is experienced enough for the job will not have trouble showing you websites he has worked on, search results and even analytics reports to demonstrate how competitive he is through previous successes. When you get to see what he has achieved and what the referrals have to say about his services, you will be better placed to know if he is what you are looking for.

  1. What kind of results should I expect and within what time frame?

Avoid experts who promise you overnight traffic results because it can take quite a while for you to start enjoying the fruits of SEO. The expert can only take you there using a timeframe that is realistic, so pay attention to the response and how he plans to get you the expected results during that period.




SEO Mississauga experts are very professional in the services they offer but you still need to make sure that you evaluate their capabilities before hiring to increase your chances of success.



SEO Tactics That Can Improve Your Ranking

SEO Tactics That Can Improve Your Ranking

Search engine optimization means that your website or content is friendly enough to be ranked on the first pages of search engine results. What most people don’t know is that users trust more in the very first results they get from their searches and will rarely go beyond the third page. For this reason, you need to be on the top pages of results to enjoy traffic and valuable traffic for that matter. This is something that calls for a lot of effort, but a few tactics can help you achieve quick results.

  1. Choose your keyword phrases with care to make your content easy to find by the engines. It is advisable to stick to a specific phrase per page to improve visibility, which in turn enhances your rankings on the search engines. There are various techniques and tools you can use to determine what keyword phrases are best for the content you have to add relevance on search results.
  2. Mind the keyword density. It is one thing to have the right keyword phrase and quite another to overuse it in your text. In as much as you are looking for ways to improve your visibility, avoid stuffing the keyword because it does more harm than good to your brand. Repeating the same word several times or trying our invisible text will only land you in problems with search engines. Balance out the keyword density to enjoy the best results on your page.
  3. Name your website pages to give search engines an easy time displaying you in the results. The pages should have descriptive titles and names to make a difference on the engine results. Whenever it is possible, consider using your keyword phrase in the page titles as well.
  4. Integrate social networking into your SEO project. It is one of the best ways of promoting the site and it can improve your traffic greatly. Socio-friendly content exposes you more as users share the information in an endless chain to the benefit of your online brand. You can add interesting images to the content to make it worth sharing.
  5. When including graphics in your SEO content, make sure that they are search friendly to give the site more accessibility. The secret should be to make the content easy to find by both the search engine and users. Only helpful information will be of value to your visitors so be careful about what you include.
  6. Have a good page design in mind all the time. If your content manages to make you visible, then you need to make sure that your visitors are satisfied with the kind of experience they have on the site. Good designs are very popular and search engines will rank them highly. Keep the pages as professional and organized as possible to enjoy valuable results every time. You can hire SEO experts to help you get your pages organized and most relevant in terms of content.



Mississauga SEO companies have the potential of growing and expanding your business using the best techniques and tools. Choose an agency that is familiar with SEO guidelines and your type of business.


10 Reasons Why You Need A Seo Company

10 Reasons Why You Need A Seo Company

A SEO company is crucial for the success of every business or organization that runs a website for any of its activities. This paper highlights ten reasons why any business would need a SEO company.

  1. Creating Traffic

A SEO company ensures that your website receives increased traffic that will be targeted according to search phrases and relative key words. The company will identify the keywords and phrases and use them to develop a search engine marketing plan that best suits your location and business

  1. Branding

Use of search engine optimization establishes your brand and business online. This allows potential clients and customers to find your website. This online presence creates good positioning of your business over your competitors in the global market. A SEO company helps create a user friendly website that brings more leads and customers to your business

  1. Boost Sales

Hiring a SEO company is a very effective way of advertising. When there is high chance of potential customers finding your website, it means that your business is strategically positioned in the market. This ensures growth of your business with time. This growth is due to increase in sales.

  1. Increases the competitiveness of you business

In a global competitive environment, a SEO company ensures that your business gains a big online market share. It builds a good brand image that creates a good first impression on the eyes of every potential client. This online dominance means that your business takes advantage of the capabilities available in the market. This provides cutting edge advantage over your competitors.

  1. Ensures Return on Investment

Using televisions and radios for advertising is not very effective as compared to using a SEO company. Further, there is no guarantee that listeners and viewers will be interested in your service or product. A SEO company ensures that interested and potential clients are led to your website through use of keywords and search phrases. This means the cost of hiring a SEO company is very minimal compare to its ability to give back high returns.



  1. Market Targeting

Every business is looking for new markets for expansion and increase in their sales. A SEO company provides a most effective way to ensure that your website attracts clients from specific regions, states, towns, cities and countries. This is a very effective way to outshine your competitors and increase your operations globally.

  1. Cost Reduction.

Other forms of advertising including televisions, radios and print media are very costly with no justifiable returns in most cases. The thinking that businesses need to be all over this platforms is misinformed compared to the effect of using a SEO company instead, which is comparatively very cheap.

  1. Authority resource

A sizeable share of the online market creates an authority resource for your business in the eyes of your clients. When your business commands authority in the market, success is definite

  1. Multiplication of impact

With a good SEO company, you will not need to print numerous business cards and fliers for advertising your business. Your business will spread fast to numerous people who are potential customers to your business, not just anybody.

  1. Leverages Social Sharing

A SEO company plays an important role in marketing through other social platforms like twitter and face book. Content shared by users is directly related SEO parameters like meta descriptions and tags. This helps you control what people read and think about your business, which spreads quickly in such platforms.


Ten SEO Tips for Canadian Business

Ten SEO Tips for Canadian Business

Many people fail to realize that whole you are living in another country, and you browse through, Google redirects you to that particular country’s version of Google. For instance, if you are currently residing in Canada and try opening, it will redirect you to (Google Canada) and display the search results.

It may appear to be quite obvious but if you are considering running a business in Canada, you must measure the success of your search engine optimization services in Canada to analyze the organic rankings of your business on and not on Moreover, the organic search results you will find on differ considerably for most of the searches that the organic search results on

Below are some of the vital tips that you must take into account while you are work on the subject of SEO Canada to ensure that your Canadian business acquires higher search engine rankings in the unpaid Google Canada rankings:

  1. Set Canada as The Geographic Target in Google WebMaster Tools

The Webmaster tool by Google is a great tools for all the website owners. It provides amazing information on how Google actually sees your website. You can set the particular geographic region in this tool that you are targeting with your website. For a Canadian business, you must set it to Canada to acquire optimum results.

  1. Get Canada on Your Site

It is quite obvious, but you should get Canada on your website. Get it into the pages itself, the title tags etc.

  1. Get A Business Address on Site

It is imperative for the local businesses to get the physical business address on the website pages, generally putting them on the Contact Us page or in the footer.

  1. Talk About Canadian Localities

Target the different regions or cities in Canada. Create different pages on your site mentioning different Canadian regions.

  1. Keep Mentioning

Google does not really know to rank you high for the cities or regions unless you keep mentioning about them on your website.

  1. Get Links From Leading Canadian Websites

It is one of the hardest steps, do not just opt for inbound links from other sites, but get them from the Canadian Websites. It requires a lot of effort, but pays big dividends.

  1. Google prefers specific content, therefore keep all your topics to the point and clear. You can have an average of 600words per page or else you increase the risk of being penalized as thin.
  2. Add mobile URL link to your sitemap. Tell Google about the pages of your website that are mobile friendly. Pages that are mobile friendly tend to rank higher in the mobile search results.
  3. Page Speed

It is imperative that you check the page speed of your site. Speed surely matters while you are on mobile. Ensure the score you get is more than 85 to 90.

  1. Targeted Keywords

Whenever it is possible do not forget to include the exact target phrase or keywords in your URL. This is tough to do on your homepage, but can be easily done on blog articles or service pages.

With some great SEO Canada tips applied, you will see your Canadian business unpaid rankings go up within no time.

Search Engine Optimization Canada


Search Engine Optimization Canada


A website is designed to create an effective presence for a business over the internet. However, just putting a website on the web is not enough. It is important that people find your website easily. Most of the web visitors use various search engines to find the information they are looking for. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the procedure that helps these search engines find your website and rank it on their search pages according to its relevance. This is a very important service offered by many specialized SEO companies as well as website development companies to their clients.

How does SEO work?

Search engine optimization in Canada is very important to make your website easily ‘findable’ for web users. Every website needs to be optimized properly and ethically to make it rank higher in search engines. Certain SEO techniques are used for this purpose. Certain keywords are added to the various html tags and the content of the web pages. These keywords are those that are commonly used by web users to find specific information on the internet through search engines. Websites that have them in their tags or content have higher chances of getting found and ranked higher in the first few pages of a search engine.

Basic SEO rules to follow

There are some fundamental rules that should be followed while making a website search engine optimized. It is important that the content on the website is fresh and informative. It should be relevant and useful to the readers and provide real value to them. Only such content becomes popular and attracts more organic traffic. Good content is spontaneously linked back by other popular websites on similar topics, thus naturally increasing the importance and relevance of your website.

Unethical SEO techniques like keywords stuffing can only attract punishment from search engines in the form getting your website banned from their search rankings.

Common SEO techniques to use

Keywords are the most important considerations in any SEO campaign. Proper keywords research helps find out relevant search terms to be used in the html code of a website. The Meta tags such as keywords, tags and description tags should contain these keywords. Heading tags, image tags, ALT tags are other html tags commonly used for SEO. It is also important that the content or article on the website uses these keywords and key-phrases to help them rank higher in the search pages of the search engines. These key words should appear one to three times across the content.

Finding the right company for SEO

When it comes to getting your website made search engines optimized, you have two major choices. You can either go to an independent SEO specializing company or you can get the SEO done by your website design company itself. Many web design companies have a separate SEO category in the multiple services offered by them. They have SEO experts who can accomplish this task effectively without you having to find a separate SEO service. This can prove economical as the service is included in the overall web development package. However, if you need a comprehensive SEO service, you might need to consider the option of hiring an individual SEO specialist for your needs.


Search Engine Optimization in the Greater Toronto Area


10 Search Engine Optimization in the Greater Toronto Area


Search Engine Optimization- the natural way to popularize your website!

When any kind of information such as a video, a blog or a music file needs attention Search Engine optimization (SEO) is the best way to achieve it. It is an organic or raw approach of attracting more traffic to the website to be promoted without any paid advertisements. It showcases the fact that when search engines display a site more often, it is bound to receive more visitors.

SEO takes into account what most people search for while visiting a search engine. The search can be related to academics, images or videos but the main idea is to target the high frequency keywords or phrases used for the search so that the user is led to the intended website.  A search engine optimization may require the manipulation of contents and the related coding so as to increase the website’s resemblance to certain keywords.

In the present generation, these services have proved to be quite beneficial for all companies, whether startups or well established enterprises. Using search engines, potential customers find answers to their questions in a matter of seconds. SEO practices help a website to rank higher in the search engines that prove to be a great help for their business. Every E commerce site wishes to stay on the top. SEO companies first try to understand the basic business ideas and accordingly use specialized search engine optimization practices to ensure high visibility of the websites. The focus of the services would be on assuring maximum return on your investment.

Search engine optimization in the Greater Toronto Area employs contrasting methods to achieve a traffic flow diversion to a specific site. The methods can be white suit which genuinely helps the user to find out what he needs. But other techniques can be like black suit which tend to deceive the search engine as well as the user by making them believe that the content has information regarding the keyword entered, but actually it does not have it.

Although the black suit approach can produce impressive results, it does not have a happy ending. If a site that has fooled a search engine gets caught, its rank can be degraded by the search engine or it can be just debarred from the Internet. On the other hand, there are special search engine optimization consultants that utilize various strategies to uphold the website and keep it in the search engine index.

SEO practices are also adopted after analyzing competitor’s sites, other websites that are trending high, and many more parameters so as to come up with a well optimized website. Before going for these services, companies can go for SEO consultancy services where they can come up with a roadmap to online success ensuring greater visibility and returns. These consultants will brief you about the opportunities you can make the most of and the weaknesses that you can work to remove.

On the whole, search engine optimization comprises of selecting the right keywords, optimize the content for the keywords and get linked to the significant directories to attract huge traffic flows.




Search Engine Optimization Markham

12 Search Engine Optimization Markham


Awesome Search Engine Optimization Markham Provided By Experts in the Field!

The virtual world has presented a forum, where people can see the available services and can choose the best one as per their needs. In such a scenario it has become utmost important for every company to have their own websites. This has resulted in an increase in traffic of the websites. Hence, only having the website is not essential, it should also rank high through the search engines. Studies have shown that most of the people don’t go beyond the first page in their web search. It clearly indicates in order to get noticed by the search engines such as Google or Bing a website should rank very high.

For ranking high through the search engines, SEO or Search Engine Optimization technique can be availed. It uses the unique process and technology for helping the clients. It is extremely important for enabling the website to get noticed by the search engine.  It is based on the principle that all the search engines use the algorithm based on the variables; for ranking the websites. SEO helps in optimization of the websites by maximizing the variables and using the latest trends.

The websites rank through the search engines depends on several factors such as the structure of the website, the relevance of the website content, age of the website, its link of trust with other websites. SEO works on a deep knowledge about the working of the search engines and on an understanding of the attitude of the people while searching about the products and the services.

The right SEO approach can only help in attaining the desired results. They help in providing the link to the most relevant content as per the user requirement. Experts like Search Engine Optimization Markham can help the people out with the best results. They help in designing the content and structure of the website; and can give guidance for maintaining and monitoring it. They endeavor to provide meaningful and effective SEO technique. They help in using various techniques such as designing the right structure and content; using the right keywords; promoting it through the social media etc. They help the clients in achieving their purpose. They understand the needs of the clients; and accordingly suggest a business proposal and present the reports regularly.

The SEO technique is very useful as:

  • It helps in expanding the business: It enables the companies to reach the target groups, whether at national or international levels. Hence, it helps in widening the reach of the companies.
  • It helps the business website to come on the first page: By improving the rank of the website, it raises it chance to come on the first page. Hence, it increases the number of people visiting the website.
  • It helps in ensuring the efficient marketing of the company: As the website of the company enables people to know about its products and services; it helps in expanding of the business venture.

The right SEO will help with more people visiting the website, resulting in more sale and sumptuous profits.