Are you starting up a retail business or simply redesigning an existing e-commerce platform? Boosting up your retail and e-commerce experience has never been better with Search Shark. Using our software development services for retail and e-commerce, you can personalize your service to increase sales and cut future maintenance costs.

Explore and expand your retail capabilities by building an ecommerce software through Search Shark, which will specifically meet the demands of your customers and the evolving business technology.

Search Shark develops softwares for retailers who are new to e-commerce through a reliable team of online experts. Here are the important features you need for retail today.

Online Store

Create mobile-responsive themes and easily personalize the design of your store to reflect your brand. Include a direct access to CSS and HTML for a straightforward theme and content editing.

Shopping Cart

Impress your customers with a featured-pack and user-friendly shopping cart. Add and remove product, as well as create payment gateways with optimum security to protect customer information.

Store Management

Fulfill orders, restock, and track flow of items through an integrated online inventory. Include ability to send notifications to customers regarding online orders and payment verifications.

Products and Inventory

Organize your product according to location, product type, brand, season, or category to help your customers find what they are looking for. Leverage the freedom to sell any product regardless of how many you want.

Customer Management

Provide customers satisfaction to shop in your store conveniently by allowing them to create a membership account.


Keep your store ahead of your competitors through themes that can easily be integrated with search engine optimization and social media platforms.

Hosting and Security

Monitor your store security around the clock and get instant updates to increase your site privacy and credibility.

Reporting and Analytics

Build an ecommerce store with a theme that is compatible with traffic and sales-monitoring plugins such as Google Analytics.

Customer Support

Build a 24/7 customer support platform so you can keep in touch with your customers either through chat, email, or social media.


Why choose Search Shark?

With so many software development services for retail and ecommerce today, it is hard to determine which one would suit your business. However, with Search Shark, we look not only on the compatibility of our software solution but also determine areas in your retail environment which needed updates. Here are some of the reasons why you would want to leverage Search Shark retail and ecommerce software solutions:

Faster Software Development

We offer a straightforward estimate of the period within which we can complete the project. We work hand in hand with our team of experts and clients to complete the project within the agreed time.

Cost Effective

Leverage a number of features including imagery, brand colors, and social media links for a price that is well within your budget.

Optimum Suitability

We help you build a retail or e-commerce platform that lets you connect to several analytics platform, so you can track your sales, stocks, and performance.

Retailers are loving Search Shark. Explore your capabilities and start building a stronger retail or e-commerce business with our retail and e-commerce development software solution. Call today and get a quotation.