Locations and Zones

Having multiple locations can be a challenge in terms of tracking and inventory. Whether you have warehouses, offices, or retail stores in different places, our software solutions can help you track inventory by organizing your inventory according to locations and zones.

What can you expect from our location tracking software?

  • Sophisticated, yet easy-to-use computer platform to track inventory
  • Efficient reporting and item management system for multiple locations
  • Competent location-based tracking capabilities for inventory levels, sales, purchases, and orders
  • Error-free handling system for inbound and outbound goods from different locations
  • Location-based inventory evaluation based on sales, parts and quantities
  • Optimum supervision on each location and its entire inventory
  • Updates on seasonal and location-based trends and demands

As your business expands into multiple offices, warehouses or stores, you need to be able to monitor the different inventory levels for each location. This helps you keep track of your resources and avoid overbuilding products in one place while running dry in another.

Search Shark multiple location tracking features allow you to maximize your potential in business by providing you high-quality software and services.

Multi-Warehouse Inventory

For companies requiring advanced functionality because of having numerous warehouse locations, you need a software that will help you track multi-location inventory in one platform. Be in control of the fate of your warehouse by leveraging our software. The following are just few of the essential features you can enjoy with our location and zone software.

  • Manage and track your inventory across different locations through a streamlined presentation of stocks based on each location.
  • Easily create a report about the flow of stocks on a particular warehouse so you can make a well-informed business decision.
  • Select a particular warehouse location and check information such as stock on hand, committed stocks, and last ordered stocks.

Multi-Retail Store Inventory

Our powerful software lets you track, maintain and view inventory from different store locations and different sales channels in one platform. Forget about overtimes and deadly integrations. Our software is here to help you work with technology and pave the way to retail store success. Here are some of the elements you can enjoy with our location and zone services in terms of multi-retail store inventory.

  • Track and vide the stock levels of your retail stores in different location in one platform, no matter how complex your operations are. This is applicable even for a combination of brick-and-mortar stores, pop store, and ecommerce store.
  • Enjoy an easier way to keep pace with the flow and updates of your products through one-stop software solution.
  • Save time by focusing into only one software to adjust reorder points in different locations to make sure you never have too much or too little stock on one of your location.
  • Quickly perform lookups across your locations without having to travel from one place to another or making shifts from different sales channels.
  • Track sales, purchase and payments made through the point-of-sale system for each location in one platform.

Multiple-Office Inventory

When your start to branch out, spreadsheets will not be enough to track your office inventory. With our software, you can enjoy a detailed inventory control across different locations through a straightforward manner. The following are some benefits you can enjoy with our software in terms of multiple-office inventory.

  • Organize your office inventory according to their location and view them simultaneously in one platform.
  • Organize stock levels and supplies from different offices and improve your operations, efficiency, accuracy, and reporting.
  • Centralize your marketing operations by gaining control of your inventory amidst the different locations through a one-stop location and zone software.
  • Increase productivity for each office and equalize business opportunities. Make sure that one location does not stay low in stock from the others.

Organizing your inventory from different locations is crucial in gaining control of your entire business operations. Purchase Search Shark Location and Zone Services to see all of the ways you will benefit from using its multiple-location inventory tracking tools and applications.

Locations and Zones January 17th, 2017