Easily manage your invoice and estimate with Search Shark software development solutions. Using our software, you can create a professional invoice and estimate in seconds and remove most manual element of your billing. Your clients will also appreciate your for providing them a convenient and professional invoice strategy.

Finally, you can relax knowing that your invoice and estimates are well taken care of. The following are the basic capabilities of choosing our services.

Keep Track of Payments

Confidently apply payments over recorded invoices once payments are received. Keep track of payments whether or not the same has been applied. Using our software, it is easier to create an invoice, give quotes and fulfill online orders.

Custom Message

Customize your invoices by adding logo, heading text and notes before converting them into a PDF file. Once done, you can save your PDF or send it right away. With a brand oriented and a nicely designed invoice, it is easier for customers to remember your brand.

Multiple Invoice

Create multiple invoices for multiple business in seconds using Search Shark simplified platform. This means that you don’t have to open different emails to represent different trading names.

Online Payments

Accept different payment method such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex and PayPal. Support multiple tax rates on different countries where the customer is based.

Faster Invoice

Allow customers to enter their personal information and product specification in the platform. With our software, you no longer have to manually estimate prices of a certain project, item, service or product.


Receive reports and data on accounts, sales, performance and unpaid invoices. With integrated tracking capabilities, our software will definitely make this process a lot easier.

What Search Shark Can Do For You

Creating invoices and estimates are few of the difficult tasks in maintaining a strong retail business. That is why we created a simplified invoicing platform that allows you to manage your invoicing more efficiently and incorporate technology so you can cater a more accurate billing process to your customers.

Instead of creating manual invoices to send to your customers, our software will allow you to automate invoicing process. After generating professional invoices, you can send all at once or convert them into PDFs which you can send via email.

As we work with online experts, we also offer a great customer support service to help you. We will be working hand in hand with our clients through a friendly and organized environment.

It only takes a minute to get to know more about our invoices and estimates services. Contact us today and discuss your need for an efficient invoice and estimate software.