Inventory Management

Inventory Management is crucial to almost all business establishments. While goods can smoothly move through manufacturing until it reaches customers, there can be many challenges that come without proper inventory.

Nowadays, where circumstances can move very fast, an efficient inventory can help you avoid the financial effects of over and under inventory. When you lack efficient management, your business is at risk of becoming bankrupt. You will lose a lot of business opportunities and trust from consumers.

Our Inventory Management Services offer high-end and quality means for you to keep your stock levels in check and allow you to receive low inventory notifications and generate orders. Our services strong inventory management services will be your hedge against the external and internal factors of holding a business. These services apply to all traders, trading partners, stockiest, dealers, and distributors.

The following factors will explain why you would want our Inventory Management Services

  • Tight Market and Supply Chain Design

As the market and supply chain becomes very competitive, we can help you keep up with an inventory holding plan, transit times, and order management lead times. These are just a few of the parameters needed to achieve a satisfactory Demand Fulfillment and Customer Service amidst the fast moving economy.

  • Necessary Inventory Holding for a Successful Production Strategy

Your entire production strategy is dependent upon a successful marketing strategy. Our inventory management system can help you tie loose ends between your production strategy and marketing strategy to meet market demands. With a strong inventory management system, you will be able to keep up with your production, whether it is a Build to Order or Build to Stock strategy.

  • Deeper Market Penetration


We can help you facilitate an efficient inventory of all products which is a necessary element of an aggressive market penetration strategy. With this, you can build a stronger branding and sales promotions campaigns for both new and existing products and services.


  • Large Market and Location


Larger market requires optimum inventory to reach the demand pattern and transit time required to keep stocks in a specific market or location. With our inventory management services, you can maintain a more efficient operation in a larger context and maximize business opportunities.


  • Overcoming Physical and Transportation Barriers


You are not going to be available all the time to oversee all the operations within your business. Chances are it would be very difficult to keep up with your stocks and there will be delays. Our inventory system will help you overcome these challenges so it would be easier for you to keep track of everything that is going on within your business.

  • Saving Costs

Aside from being able to satisfy customer demand, opting for our inventory management systems allows you to reduce costs on sales management, transportation, lead times, and stock out.

Our Inventory Management Software is backed with a strong system that will help you achieve organization in business. The following are some of the important elements when you buy this service.

  • Well-organized location names
  • Customized location labels
  • Item numbers or item codes
  • Units of measure
  • A good starting count for stocks
  • Tracking capabilities for all inventory activities
  • High-end policies

Properly managing your inventory can take so much time and challenge. That is why our Inventory Management Software is here to help you overcome these by providing an efficient inventory services designed for all types of business including yours.

Inventory Management Features

Gain visibility and control of your inventory and stock levels. Avoid wasted time spent in searching for inventory and improve your customer service with Search Shark Inventory management software.


Receive notifications when your inventory is low or expiring so you can generate purchase orders to replenish your stock.

Audits Accounts

Conduct audit on your inventory levels from time to time to determine your status and set priorities.

Manage Vendors

Maintain a complete information of your suppliers and establish code for each of them.


Automate check ins and outs of assets to the key players in your industry such as your employees, suppliers, retailers, and customers. This helps you make sure that no assets are misplaced.



Receive notifications, add or remove inventory via computer or phone. Update and keep track while you are on the go. There is no need to go back to your computer to access your inventory.


Standard license includes one personal computer (PC) user and one for mobile device user license.

Inventory Tracking

Track inventory in real-time either by site, location, item code, date or pallet depending on how you have formatted your inventory.

Inventory Management January 17th, 2017