Redefine your organization strategy and approach with the right choice of big data solutions. At Search Shark, we offer an integrated, serverless Big Data Platform for a solid data-driven analysis which will definitely make a critical difference in your ability to compete in the future.

Build fast and scale big with Search Shark Big Data Solutions. Our serverless platform allows you to do the following:

  • Leverage the benefits of big data in the cloud
  • Get access with leading providers and top cloud app vendors
  • Expand your scalability, reliability and resiliency across the entire business environment
  • Protect investments and skills in the era of big data and cloud

Why Do You Need Search Shark Big Data Solutions

Your business needs to have a data-driven analysis to have a smarter and more efficient data management. Using big data you can recruit, train and integrate people with data skills to your advantage. For example, you can use your analysis to perform a specific task such as evaluating sales number together to generate market projections. Here are the essentials features you can leverage from using our big data solutions.

High Velocity

Leverage a high data velocity that can overcome high rate of input and large quantity of elements and events. Using our big data solutions, you can enjoy the following.

  • Determine anomalies, examine deviations, and keep track changes in your sensor data to maintain efficiency.
  • Enjoy a bigger space and faster speed for media and financial streaming so you can cut costs, increase your efficiency in your business and stay competitive.

Data Variety

Enjoy a variety of data capabilities that are generally crucial for the health of your business, which includes structured, semi, or unstructured. Our big data solution also allows you to demand new data model and file formats.

Large Data Volumes

Handle large data volumes in terabytes (TBs) to petabytes (PBs) using our big data solution. Store more than 3.8 petabytes and worry less about your company’s data growth rate. With our big data platform, you can analyze your data and conduct maintenance using a number of applications.


Manage and analyze data distribution across different channels and data centers. Since our big data solution is cloud-based, you can analyze data across different channels and geographies.

Operational Ease

Analyze multi-dimensional data through a friendly-user platform. Our big data solution does not include complex applications. It is very functional and applicable for all types of business structures. Since it is easy to use, you can save time and immediately make more informed decisions regarding your data storage and analysis.

Scalable Performance

Reduce time spent working on a particular task and scale your data to boost your performance. As your data volume continue to grow, they can eventually impact service-level agreements within your IT departments. Later on, you will be requiring too much time for data analysis and integration than you can handle. Your IT employees can run out of resources causing your business to slow down and incapable of meeting the needs of your internal customers.

Cost Effective

Enjoy optimum value for a very reasonable price. With our big data solution, you can leverage an integrated, serverless big data platform without having to spend a lot of money.

Evaluate your data and use them as a resource to make a well-informed decisions. Search Shark Big Data Solutions will help you analyze big data through integrated applications that are easy to use.