Analytical Reporting

Tracking the health of your business has never been more detailed with Search Shark Analytical Reporting Services. We offer software development solution that allows you to generate a data-backed reports about your inventory, sales and services.

Why analytics is Important to your business?

Analytical reporting helps you in almost all aspects of your retail business. Analytics is not a new thing in business. However, what most business owners often overlook is how they can do more about analytics and use its numbers to further business opportunities.

The features in your website can become obsolete in the future. Some of your products may not sell out perfectly as they did when they first launched and your marketing strategy may not be effective. Consequently, your customer service will slow down.

Without proper analytics, it would be hard to determine at which part you have progressed and at which point you have failed. With Search Shark Analytical Reporting, we can help you track your business growth and provide a detailed reporting so you can make a well-informed decision.

Why Choose Search Shark Analytical Reporting?

Here are the top reasons why you would want Search Shark to take care of your analytical reporting needs:

 Track Results

We help you analyze data and measure results from the inception to completion of your sales cycle. We understand that it can take a great deal of effort, so we are here to lessen up your burden. Through our great team and efficient software development solution, we will deliver you a fool-proof and data-backed analytical reporting for your inventory, sales and services.

Understand Customer Behavior

We will help you track your customer behavior to see which website features are receiving more traffic. Through these data, you will know if your ecommerce site needs updates or not, including which elements need improvement or need to be stricken down.

Track Improvements

We help you monitor data to determine whether or not your current or existing marketing strategy is effective. The detailed report will be your basis to create a mechanism on how to nurture your business strategies.

Filter Data

We can filter analytics based on date-range and category so you can see which aspect is making you the most money. With this capability, you will know which of your site features are working to your optimum advantage.

Quick Guide to Buying Analytics

Leveraging analytical reporting has become an essential component of a successful business. Know whether or not you are buying the right service through this simple guide.

  • Know the signs that you need analytical reporting. These may include complex decision making, problems with processes, having trouble by risk, and extreme need to beat stiff competition.
  • Choose a service that can provide you high quality features. Your vendor must have experience in the industry as shown by references, knowledge of cutting-edge technological approaches in analytical reporting and general-purpose modeling tools.
  • Determine whether or not the services include clear description of assignment and change control procedures.
  • Make sure that the service is cost effective and well within your budget. Do not buy an application which features are inconsistent with your retail or e-commerce platform.
  • Check the schedule and see if it matches your expected time. Set a project milestones and chose a service that can meet all your requirements.
  • Make sure that software provider has deliverable materials, including format, content and level of details.


Don’t wait for fate to decide for you. Contact Search Shark and we can give you a detailed analytical reporting for a reasonable price.

Analytical Reporting January 17th, 2017