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10 Important Ranking Tips for your Website from SEO Aurora


Ranking your website is a huge task. It takes a huge amount of time and creativity, especially on your part to craft a well-planned search engine optimization. To optimize your website for search engines, the following tips will help you make the entire process smooth and easy.

  1. Focus your website on one specific topic. When you get into online business, you need to focus on one niche. This is how search engine will categorize you. It can be about any other stuff and using such topic, you are going to research a group of keyword focusing on such.
  2. Research for top ranking and relevant keywords you can use for your site. Google AdWords Keyword Planner would be a great tool to help you find high ranking keywords with low competition. Keyword integration is important because it helps your content to become visible by search engines. Include your keywords in the page title, blog categories, tagline, Meta description, and page content.seo-aurora-link-building
  3. Exchange backlinks. This tactic is somehow very old and traditional but still proven very effective even until now. Your SEO specialist knows how to connect with relevant and high-authority websites where you can anchor your links. Also link between your own pages but do not link one page to another as this would become over-linking.
  4. Change your permalink structure. When you edit your WordPress blog, you will have a preset or default permalink. But some of these permalinks do not define the intent of your content, which makes it hard for search engines to recognize you. Before you publish your content take time to edit your permalink. Replace the numbers in your permalink with your keywords. Instead of having your title as permalink, you can just use your keywords alone. This makes it easy for search engines to index your page, giving it a higher chance of ranking in Google.seo-aurora-optimize-your-website
  5. Remove anything that slows down your website. Websites with large files often load very slowly because the pages become too heavy, especially those with videos and images. Having pages that load very slow can mean that your audience may not be able to enjoy optimum experience. So take out all videos that are slow loading, even if you have a really good internet connection. Broken images, page errors, unnecessary plugins and large images should also be removed. Install an automatic website optimizer in your website or if you want to re-upload some images, you need to optimize them first.
  6. Rename all your image files with your keywords. Remember that Google displace text and images in its search windows. Changing the name of your files can help search engines fetch your pages.
  7. Use keywords in your permalinks. Normally, permalinks would include a lot of numbers of figures, which makes your page hard to index by search engines. Using WordPress, you can edit your permalink and make it more attractive to search engines. Copy your whole title and paste it in the permalink field or you can just use your keywords alone. Make sure that you don’t have duplicate pages. If you have already used such keyword in other pages, then it is best that you stick on your title as permalink.
  8. Leverage social media. A good search engine optimization strategy should be matched with social media to attain a brighter result. As you see social media is one of the fastest growing factor in getting your website visible. Besides technically working on your website visibility, using social media allows you to engage with your prospects.
  9. Track your results. Ranking your websites requires a consistent check on your performance and the only way to see it is through Google Analytics. It gives you a summary of your website traffic, page performance, and conversion rates from day to day. When you see how your website is performing, you will know just when to adjust your strategy.seo-aurora-content-marketing
  10. Publish content on a daily basis. When you give your prospects something to look up to, they would be more eager to check your website from time to time. Craft a creative and interesting content based on your target keywords and prospects. Keep your topic clear, direct to the point, and engaging. Google also likes specific content, so make sure that you don’t forget integrate proper density of keywords along with interesting content.

Nowadays, search engine optimization has become a more interesting and competitive. With so many excellent marketers representing different companies, ranking website has become a more challenging task especially for starters. If you want to rank better in no time, leveraging SEO Aurora can help you build a strong search engine optimizations so you can have a better position in today’s competing market.